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Friday, January 11, 2019

The morning is flying by!

I'm waiting for Andrew to arrive to take Rocky for his "training" walk this morning.  When they return I am going to crate the dog and walk up to get myself a much needed haircut.  I look very much like a shaggy dog lately!

I think I'm squared away on the medical stuff - I read the results of some of the tests and got all worried, but Jeannie called me (and woke me up) last night to remind me that the doctor said certain results would always be a point or two away from "normal" and that it's perfectly ok.  I wish I had half my memory back and could recall these things.

I love my puppy more each day that goes by, but he's still aggravating me with the chewing and jumping up on people.  He is just so friendly and wants to meet and greet every person and animal he sees.  My arms sometimes ache from trying to hold on to him, and my upper arms look like I've been lifting weights!  I have developed quite a nice set of muscles as good as any gym exercises could do.

 I am so tired of the noise in this place I think it will be such a relief to move to a more quiet location.  There is a constant noise of leaf blowers and other equipment of that type, then all the yapping at the dog park across the street, grass trimmers, and the like.  Trucks go  by pulling carts  that make a rumbling sound, and then there is the traffic - about 2 blocks as the crow flies is Hwy 50, and another 2 blocks in a different direction is Sunrise Blvd - both of these provide traffic noise 24 hrs a day/7 days a week.  I think the leaf blowers are the worst.

I wanted to clean the floors while Rocky is out with Andrew (if he ever gets here) but I'm getting sleepy.  I had to take Rocky out around midnight last night and was so awake I just stayed up for an hour or so.  My sleep patterns are shot and it's hard to function properly.  I think I'll try to sneak in a nap!

I hope everyone has a good weekend!  They sure roll around more quickly than they used to!


  1. I thought you bought a collar to help keep him in line.

    Yes the weeks are flying by I just feel like I'm on one of those hamster wheels.

  2. I did, and I still use it if he is too rambunctious. I found out that if he runs off some energy for about 5 min. in the dog park, he does well on a regular collar. Sometimers when I just take him out to pee I don't bother with the chain, and that's when he often pulls me. These muscles have been building up since I got him but I have to say they look good even though I ache all over!

  3. Your comment on noise sure fits right in with a blog I did for Mother Earth News two days ago. Here in the mountains when it snows is is as quiet as you can imagine. Since the wildfire it is even more quiet. Some people simply can't handle the total quiet after living in a city. They seem to tune out all those city noises and when it is absolutely silent they panic. those noises whether people think they hear them or not contribute to their stress level. I hope that blog was successful in pointing out the difference between city vs remote living. Your comments actually prove the point I hoped I was making. Rocky will settle down in time...kind of like a 2 year old child now but he will calm down. By then you can enter the Ms. Universe contest and show off all those muscles.....

    1. Thanks very much for your corroboration on my views of noise pollution. I have always liked quiet, but have lived in a city except for 3 years living in rural Ireland and the noise of farm animals, birds, tractors, etc. I love peace and quiet and rarely even have a radio on.

      I will have to enter the Grandma category of Ms. Universe!