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Thursday, June 14, 2018

This & that!

Sandy and Mike are having their entire downstairs painted while I'm here, and it sure is looking beautiful.  I have always done my own painting and can appreciate the perfection this man has.  Makes me want to paint some of the rooms in my own house, although I'm not sure my vision is up to it, nor do I want to climb on a ladder more than a step or two up.

Tomorrow the painter will be doing the room I'm using, so I need to move a few things for a day or two.  No problem though because I'm trying to not leave stuff all over as I sometimes do at home.

The weather here is continuing to be beautiful, and I'm hearing from the kids in CA that their weather is extremely hot.  The heat will catch up with me sooner or later.

I'm going with Sandy to their chiropractor this afternoon.  He had told her he would take care of me as well, and I'm sure my back could use an adjustment after sitting long hours on the train.  Mike has a treadmill in the basement so I am getting some exercise nearly every day, but still not moving around as much as I should.

I'm really enjoying family life for a while, although I will probably enjoy getting back to my own routine as well in a few more weeks.

It's just about time to go to the chiropractor with Sandy so I'll close now, and wish you all a T.G.I.F.* day for tomorrow!   (Thank God it's Friday!)


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