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Monday, June 18, 2018

Into Thin Air!

I'm having a terrible time with my computer lately.  For the second time in approximately two weeks I have written 3 or more paragraphs of a blog post, only to have it disappear completely.  This happens quite often and I can't imagine that I'm accidentally causing it .  Yesterday's disappearance was so upsetting that I just let it go without trying to recreate it.

Mike had tickets for Clearwater's Music & Environmental Festival 2018 in Croton On Hudson NY.  It was a wonderful event with well-known and not so well known artists, and many exhibits.  There were just too many good things to see that we only skimmed the surface.

Of the many musical acts my favorite was a 50-minute performance of C.J. Chenier, son of Clifton Chenier who was one of my favorite Zydeco musicians.  I also attended the performance of Joanne Shenandoah, an Iraquois singer with an unbelievably beautiful voice.  Ara probably covered a few more exhibits than I did, and we didn't have the time to take in some of the informational booths.  I hope to go back one of these years.  With over 80 performers and 8 stages, plus all the exhibits, I'd need more energy than I have to make a dent in the list.

The crowd was really great - everyone enjoyed themselves without infringing on anyone else.  I can't remember when I've seen so many laid back people of all ages just enjoying themselves without alcohol or drugs.  At least that sort of thing was definitely not evident. 

Our tickets covered both days of the festival but I was wiped out  by the time we left - just from being among so many people (which I'm certainly not used to the past few years).  I truly enjoyed the day.

My eyes are worsening by the day it seems, and I will be glad to get the surgery over with and hope it helps.  They tell me it will get worse before it gets better!  I've decided I'm going to get  a dog that can be of assistance to me.  I definitely want a black lab and when I get back to CA I will start searching.   Depending on what is available I might consider a golden retriever, but really want a black lab.

I'm going to post this now before I lose it!  I hope everyone had a good weekend - it seemed to go by so fast.  I sure have enjoyed being with Ara for the past  two weekends.

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