Eastern Utah
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Monday, June 4, 2018

A few more photos

I thought I would post a few more pictures from my trip east.  I'm trying to weed out some of them that didn't turn out so well.  It is difficult to take good pictures from a moving train - everytime I lined up what I thought was a good shot, a tree or some other obstruction would appear before I could even take the picture!   There is also a glare on the train window in most of them, but even at that, they serve to record my memories.  Also, there aren't any pictures of some states because we traveled through them during the night.

This looks like Nevada and Utah:  (Click on a photo to enlarge)

I love the reflection of the clouds in this one

I'll continue in another post.  We traveled through Utah and then east into Colorado with a stop in Denver.  While it is all beautiful, I was disappointed in the views of the Rocky Mountains. 


  1. I love cloud pictures and the reflection is so cool.

    1. Thanks. Clouds are a favorite with me too.