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Friday, June 22, 2018

I did it again!

I was on the last sentence of a new blog post when I lost everything.  It makes me so mad!

I went to Urgent Care this morning and there were no sprains or breaks in my ankle - nothing could be found to cause the pain and swelling.  So they took blood tests to see if I have any tick-borne diseases.  I didn't think it could be related to ticks since I have no marks or spots to indicate I've been bitten.  They told me however, that some people don't have the usual evidence of a tick.  I'll have to wait until the first part of next week to find the results of the tests. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend - it seems like I've written this only a few days ago and lost a couple of days out of the past week!).  I'm mostly sitting with my left leg propped up.  It really is getting old and boring and it will be so great to be able to walk a daily mile or two soon.


  1. Gypsy - Just an FYI... My friend had sudden swelling in her arm and hand and went to urgent care where they did a cat scan. It was discovered she had a blood clot in her shoulder which was causing the swelling. They immediately put her on Xarelto and several weeks later the clot is slowing dissolving and it is getting better. Hope they find the cause of your swelling soon.

  2. Sure hope they get an answer for you quickly.

    1. I hope so too. It's not a good thing to have to worry about and I hope I get an answer the first part of next week.