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Friday, December 1, 2017

Trip to Costco

I was surprised to find that mid-day on Friday wasn't more crowded, but the weekend shoppers will make up for that.  I had a good trip and also a couple of laughs.  There seemed to be quite a few moms with young children, which of course can provide entertainment just watching them.  One mom was badgered by her son and daughter to go look in the toy section.  The girl was trying to get mom to say "yes", but her older brother cut right to the chase when he told his sister, "Just say 'Bye Mom' "  I laughed out loud and the mom and I both enjoyed the scene.

I got some great items although I put a few things back on the shelf because the quantities were just too much for one person.  It was fine when Ara lived here as I could always split large quantities with her.  I miss her for many reasons!  

I was  shocked to hear that an earthquake happened in Dover, DE yesterday.  I texted Ara who was in her car at the time and didn't feel it.  I have a niece who lives in Dover with her husband, but evidently she was preoccupied enough with a project that she didn't feel the quake.  While quakes are much more frequent on the west coast, I can remember when the Washington Monument was shut down for a few years while they repaired damage from an earthquake.  It seems in these days that anything is possible.

I may go with Jeannie & her family to cut down a Christmas tree tomorrow.  They are also planning to go to Costco, which means a really long day as they take a while to shop for the family.  Steve & Meg cut their tree last weekend - in the same place Bill & I took the kids to get our tree when we lived here in the 1980's.   Jeannie  & Donald will probably go to the same place.  I haven't set up a tree in years and have no interest in it to be honest.  And I wouldn't ever have an artificial tree - that's just a personal preference of mine, not that there is anything wrong with an artificial one.  At least you aren't still finding pine needles in July, but hey, that's part of the fun on it and the memories come flooding back of the beautiful tree. 

I am happy to say that today I'm feeling great, and have a huge sense of well-being.  It's been a long time coming, and I hope it lasts through my dreaded visit to the oncology dept. this next Tuesday.  I'm trying to look at it as being similar to my visit to the DMV last week - everything turned out to be perfect.  Have a wonderful weekend, and be careful if you have to drive anywhere.  I'm sure between now and the holidays the crowds will get worse and some tempers will get worse also.



  1. I am glad to see you are feeling well. I wonder if it is the B12 injections. Do you also take B12 pills every day?

    1. I will be getting one B-12 shot a month, plus I'm taking a small (25mg) dose of thyroid meds every day (levothyroxine). I'm definitely in a much better frame of mind.

  2. I think that we will cancel the holidays this year. Just can't get into the mood, but maybe that will change. Even if it does, we have no plans for a tree or decorations or gifts.

    1. I'm certainly not in a holiday spirit and haven't been for several years. But I do have young grandchildren so I will put on my smiley face for them. Fortunately I have 2 granddaughters who help me shop for the rest of the kids, and they are happy to do all the wrapping for me. Child labor? Maybe.