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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Beautiful sunset

The sunset this evening was the best ever, and I went outside to take photos.  I think my camera needs some changes to the settings but I wouldn't have a clue, so I just rarely use the camera any more.  All of the strikingly beautiful colors - especially the reds - were so muted as to be worthless.  So I have no photo to post.

I am looking forward to visitors tomorrow morning - Megan is bringing Quinn by for a little while after she drops Liam off to school.  I've tried to clean the place up a bit, mainly putting things away.

I'm getting excited about seeing Ara on Friday afternoon.  I hope her travel goes well.  You can never tell this time of year.

I was taking a much needed nap when the doorbell woke me up.  It was the UPS driver with a package delivery.  It was very nice of him to wait until I got to the door and took the package.  I've seen several youtube videos the past week showing people blatantly stealing packages off front porches.     

I just heard either fireworks or shots from a distance.   Hope they were fireworks - the pretty kind.

I have been unable to stop eating today, from the time I got up this morning.  I don't know why my appetite has increased this much, but when I've eaten my meal I start rummaging around for sweets and salty snacks.   By this time of day I feel pretty stuffed.

I haven't heard any more noises outside, so I will sleep the sleep of the righteous tonight!  Except for having to get up every two hours!



  1. I have the same issues with my camera so I rarely use mine anymore...that and the fact that I have misplaced my new SD card. I am not good at taking pictures with a cell phone.

    The Val Verde County Sheriff's department has their shooting range close to mom's house and sometimes in particular after the church shooting in Texas I get spooked.

    Would love to be able to eat to my heart's content but I can not afford the extra calories :-(

    1. I don't want to have to buy a new camera because the newer ones don't have a view-finder. I cannot hold a camera or a phone at arms length and take a decent picture.

  2. I haven't posted lately due to computer woes. So good to know you are eating and sleeping.

    1. Those seem to be the two things I do best - eating and sleeping!