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Sunday, December 17, 2017

The birthday party

It began around 5pm - 16 girls at the birthday/slumber party.  Steve was there with Liam, and Liam seemed to enjoy himself a lot.  I talked with Donald's Mom a bit and didn't let the noise bother me.  I really enjoyed the day/evening and the cake was heavenly!

Autumn loves ancient Greece and Greek culture, so her cake was made to look like the Parthenon, complete with columns, etc.  It was beautiful and the best tasting chocolate cake I've ever had.  I asked Jeannie to send me some photos of it as I didn't take any, so I might include some pictures from the party in my next post.

I didn't enjoy the drive over to their house at 5pm as it was already getting dark.  Well before I left the party I realized I didn't want to drive home in the dark, so I asked son Steve to drop me by my house when he and Liam went home.  The only thing I have coming up is a chiropractor appointment on Monday, and Ara can take me to that.  As far as I'm concerned I really don't want to drive at least for a while.  My eyes are bothering me and it just doesn't make sense to put myself in the position of driving, at least until the eyesight hopefully clears up and I can feel confident again.  I think one problem is that the traffic has been so heavy and will probably be that way until after the holidays, so I'm just going to hang tight and see how I feel in the future.  I really hate to think of my driving days being over with, and I believe after the holidays it will go back to normal and I can safely drive locally in the mornings after rush hour.   Sometimes I feel that I'm too young to feel this old!

I will write more tomorrow.  Right now I'm so sleepy that I can't think straight, so I'll stop for now.


  1. Sounds like Autumn had a great birthday party!

    You are a very wise woman and your decision to postpone driving until you feel more confident attests to that.

    1. I think I'll know when I'm ok to drive, hopefully soon. It's funny but I've been thinking of all sorts of places I could be going today, shopping to do, but I'm stuck at home!

  2. Sounds like a great party. Looking forward to the cake. It's so wonderful to have your children and grandchildren so close. You are too young to feel old. But I know what you mean about driving after dark. I really hate that the glare bothers me so much any more.

    1. Worse than the glare is the total darkness in some places, I think. I always worry about hitting someone on foot that I can't see. It's amazing how many people are out in the dark wearing dark clothes.