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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Days are flying by!

I haven't finished my Christmas shopping, although I think I have taken care of most of the grandchildren.   I mailed off the NY kids' gifts yesterday.

Ara will be arriving soon, and Jeannie and I will drive my car to San Francisco to get her.   This morning I went to Les Schwab to have the tires and brakes checked.  Everything was good - they aired up the tires and rotated them and did a few other small jobs, and the bill was Zero!  I don't think I've had to pay them in a long time - when you buy the tires there (and maybe even if you don't) they will check and air them for you, plus rotate them.  I probably should get an oil change before we make that long drive.  I never get to the point where an oil change is due, mileage-wise, because I don't drive many miles.  I definitely need to clean all the windows right before we go.  

I was up this morning around 4am, and before getting back in bed I always look out my window to see what stars or planets are visible.  This morning I saw two planes doing the chemtrail thing.   It infuriates me to see that going on as I don't think it's good to try to control the weather in any way, and especially by spraying poisons.   And do they think nobody knows if they spray during the night?

I need to take a load of laundry to the dryers across the street.  I bought myself a set of flannel sheets a few days ago, and I should put them on my bed before spring comes!  These are the old fashioned cotton flannel kind.  I really prefer cotton, although it gets more difficult to find any that hasn't been treated to make it soft & silky.    I don't need soft and silky,  I need warm!



  1. When I was a kid, my Mom would put flannel sheets on the beds come winter time. I did not like them at all. I always preferred the cold, fresh feel of real sheets.

    1. My new sheets are 100% cotton, about as "real" as you can get. The cool ones are great for most parts of the year though.