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Monday, September 20, 2021

Where I am, Right Now.

I should bring you up to date on where I stand, health-wise.  I had a Covid test yesterday and I DON'T have Covid.  I do have really bad congestion in my chest and in my head, and all other complaints are minor.   The chest congestion and cough are the worst, and they don't seem to be ready to go anywhere soon.  I think I'm getting a chest xray tomorrow and I hope they can give me something to relieve the congestion. 

All the space in front of my fireplace and then some, is filled with boxes of Jeannie's things, her rocking chair and my rocking chair.  I just realized I can find a space to put the treadmill in, but I can't plug it in anywhere.  All the outlets are two-prong, and the plug for the treadmill is 3-prongs.  But Donald to the rescue, figured it all out and I will start walking on my treadmill tomorrow! 


  1. My daughter just had this same thing. The cough was terrible and they tested her twice for covid but she doesn't have it thank heavens for that. For the cough they gave her these pills that looked like honey but who knows what they are. Said they didn't help much and another Dr. was really angry that they didn't give her Antibiotics. Always something. Hope you get well soon.

  2. I think antibiotics only work on bacterial infections, not viral infections. The doctor who didn't prescribe them for the wrong thing is correct. My mother was one who always demanded an antibiotic for every little cold or cough that came along. She just wouldn't believe the science. Over-prescribing antibiotics is as bad as not prescribing them when they should be used.

  3. I hope you get to feeling well soon. Your son-in-law is a gem!