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Monday, September 13, 2021

A turn for the worse!

After doing so well with my cancer treatments, I had a not-so-good experience with the one last Friday.  The RN was probably very new to doing this sort of thing and did not exactly exude confidence.  Probably making matters worse was another RN who lurked in the background while she was inserting the IV and again when she removed it.  He never said a word but was obviously watching her, and I don't know if he was supposed to be learning from her how the procedure should go, or if he was monitoring her work.  I sure got the worst of the whole procedure.  

I have two huge dark blood blisters indicating where she had tried several times to insert the IV; they don't hurt but they sure look mean!  I haven't felt well since I came home from the treatment, and have developed some minor symptoms which I realize probably have nothing to do with the IV.   I have been fortunate up to this point but now I'm worried about what is happening.  I did send a message to my oncologist, who has ordered a prescription for me - I haven't picked it up yet so I'm not sure what it is, but I hope it works!

I'm trying to keep optimistic and think good thoughts of the new house, but it sure is difficult to see the bright side right now.  I know my kids think I'm complaining too much but they don't have any idea what I'm going through.  I have every right to complain!

I just read that there is disagreement on what part of the population should be first in line to get booster shots of the vaccine.  Of course it should be medical personnel, and then nursing home residents.  That is how they broke it down for the initial injections of the vaccine, so why should there be any change at this point!

On the bright side is my gorgeous dog, Rocky!  He is so beautiful to look at, and his soul is beautiful as well.  He deserves better than me, and I realize I should never have gotten a puppy when I did.  I felt great then and had no idea what turning 80 would do to me!

I'm so happy to read the weather forecast for our area for the coming week.  It will "only" be in the 90's, which is almost like a cold front at this point!  Then we might possibly dip into the 80's by mid-week.  If only we could have a week or so of rain that might help to put out the fires burning north of here (near Lake Tahoe).  I'm looking forward to fall!

I hope tomorrow is a great day for all of you, and I can use a great day for myself as well!



  1. Gypsy Look ahead the best is yet to come! I know your treatments are difficult but things will get better and soon you will have a new place to live and enjoy. The best part is family will be close by. Take care and feel better soon.

  2. Gypsy if the RN isn't having much success with the IV ask for someone else it's you right. Doesn't pay to suffer. Hope what ever your Dr. ordered for you works and you feel better.

    1. I usually have no problems, and try to relax and make it easy for them. This time it didn't work very well. I've already had a nurse realize she was having problems with an IV, so she asked another RN to do it. That makes sense - sometimes it is just not easy to do and they are better off getting someone else to try.

  3. My first significant aging drop has happened this year as I turned three quarters of a century. But that just keeps me busy finding ways to work around the physical decreptiness sliding into my joints.

    1. I've done relatively well up to the past year. Maybe I've been "down" in all areas of my life due to the pandemic and being so isolated.