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Sunday, September 12, 2021

The Latest from the New House

We visited the house site this afternoon and I have some photos which are starting to look like our new home.   I apologize for the placement and description of each photo - I have never had trouble like this with blogger before when it comes to inserting photos.  I don't know whether it's something I'm not doing right, or a glitch in the program or computer.   I think you can figure out what you are looking at.   From the front of the house my space is straight back on the right, and looking from the back it is on the left.

The door to my home.

My Garage/Playroom

Back of house-my space on left
From my patio

Front-my space on right


I apologize for what is probably the worst blog entry I've ever posted!  My excuse is that I haven't been well the past few days, since my last cancer treatment.

I think I'll stop now and hope I can post an intelligent entry in the next couple of days!


  1. Take care and get lots of rest as your treatment takes more of a toll on your body than you realize.

  2. Your blog turned out great. Its wonderful to see how the house is coming together. But I agree with Gramma, you need to rest and take care of you.

  3. The post was perfect. Made me smile to see you in front of your door. (Cool door)

    The view of the MB balcony(?) is such a nice feature. I bet it will get a lot of use. So exciting! Feel better every day!

  4. The Blog and pictures turned out great. It really looks like a nice house! Hope you feel better very soon. Not fun feeling poorly.