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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Memory Loss!

It's a terrible thing to forget things.  Yesterday I read something about a special use for a bar of Irish Spring soap; I was ordering groceries for delivery and included in my order, a couple of bars of Irish Spring.  This morning I couldn't remember a thing about what I wanted it for, and still have no clue!  I do recall seeing an article that included a photo of a bar of Irish Spring, a hole drilled in the middle, hanging somewhere in front of an open cabinet.  But for the life of me I cannot recall anything else about it.  I do like the smell of it, and might keep it around just for the pleasant scent!

I've never had any problems with insects or pests in the kitchen, but I think that is because my landlady has the property regularly treated for pests.  The Irish Spring just might be double protection!  Fortunately I have always liked the scent of it.  If anyone has a clue what this soap is good for, (other than a good bath/shower soap), please refresh my memory!



  1. Gypsy: Just use google and ask, "What other uses are good for Irish Spring Soap?" You will get a wonderful list of uses and it will jog your memory". Good Luck! "Kathy R from "It's about time"

  2. That’s exactly what I was going to suggest 😁

  3. My knitting group has discussed using Irish Spring to deter mosquitoes. Sounds like what you saw?

  4. Google is your friend. I use it all the time cause my memory is also lousy.