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Saturday, September 18, 2021

How times have changed!

Back when I entered 1st grade in about 1946 I had to have a smallpox vaccination, and I don't remember anyone fighting about whether or not to have their children vaccinated.   If you wanted them to go to school, vaccination was the rite of passage to that new world.  I just can't figure out what drives people to fight everything that comes along, even when their own health could be at risk, and the health of their families.

I can't remember the year the polio vaccine came out, but I got it, along with my younger siblings.  Probably no one would have insisted I get it (I think I might have been out of school already, or possibly in high school, but I just chalked it up to being for my good and the good of others.

 Maybe the answer is let people refuse it for themselves and their families if they choose, but they won't have my sympathy if their gamble falls back on them and they or a loved one gets the disease.  I just have no patience with people who want to fight everything that comes along.  I am not speaking about those who might have a valid medical reason, and not a "You can't tell me what to do" reason.  I can't work up much sympathy when a parent is on their deathbed and heroically tells people they should get vaccinated.  We are seeing more and more of that lately.  I stress that I am not speaking about someone with a valid medical reason to refuse a vaccine, if there is a valid reason.

I realize it is common for "old folks" to look back on the way things were better when they were young, but dang, I can't believe how negative and uncooperative people can be today.  They seem to have no respect for anyone, and that is reflected in many of the people they vote into public office.

Ok, I'm stepping down off my soapbox now.  But if you are anywhere within 20 years of my age, get the damn vaccine!   You most likely have already done that, because our generations were pretty smart, and didn't want to "cut off our nose to spite our face"!  (And how many readers have heard our mothers use that expression with us!)  And I just read today that a booster shot will soon be available to us "oldies but goodies", and you can bet I'm going to be in the front of the line!


  1. I was able to secure my Pfizer booster shot a week and a half ago due to my age and compromised immune system. Still staying home basically, not taking any chances. Another old saying that fits this time "better to be safe than sorry."

  2. I don't know why, but my mother always opposed vaccinations and shots for us when we were kids. So we missed all the measles, smallpox, and other childhood shots. But then when it was time to go to college, no excuses were accepted. No shot, no admission. So my brother and I got our first shots at 18. Then, 5 years later when I joined the army, I got everything. And yes, I got the Phizer shots (2). At 93, I figured I didn't have much choice. Phil

    1. Thanks for your comments, Phil. Did your mother think the vaccines weren't safe, or that there was a nefarious reason for wanting everyone to get the shots? I have always been one to question everything, but when it comes to health mandates or recommendations I usually go with the best medical advice.

  3. I have to pick up some meds tomorrow and I am going to ask about the booster since this darn virus is rearing its ugly head again because these MORONS won't get vaccinated. More people are dying they said it is those who have not been vaccinated. Some older folks even though they had been vaccinated are dying but it is not because of the vaccine it's because their immune systems are compromised by age and illness. But the un vaccinated won't be told anything so there you have it.

  4. I very much agree with everything you said, Gypsy. I don’t understand people anymore either. My husband just got his 3rd because he is immune compromised. I particularly don’t understand why people would protest in front of hospitals like they did here and accosted doctors and nurses who do their very best and should be highly regarded and praised instead.

  5. Agree with you whole heartedly!!! AND Mom always said that "cut off yr nose to spite yr face" axiom... can't figure what is wrong with people except they were not taught manners or respect..
    Am sorry to see you leave, but understand about negative thoughts all the time.. Hard to be upbeat n positive.. i DO try tho... and i am not around anyone either... just groceries and Costco, business stuff now and again, medical... that is it and that is certainly not very noteworthy. But i have enjoyed reading you and what u are up to. Take Care and God Bless