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Saturday, September 25, 2021

To Blog or Not To Blog!

 I really plan to quit blogging!  But I have been writing about my day for years before I even heard the word "blog" being used.  I think it was called journaling, or keeping a diary, back in the day.

For some odd reason that I can't even fathom, I get a lot of satisfaction out of writing even though my efforts wouldn't hold up next to those of good writers.  Since I'm no longer traveling, nor does my life hold anything of interest these days, I should just stop!  But I can't seem to do it!  I tell myself, "ok, this is the last one"; and then tomorrow I think, "well, just one more".

So I will probably be writing an entry when I can no longer do anything else.  I appreciate and love all my faithful readers, and I want you to know that you don't have to read any more if you don't want to.  I no longer have much of interest happening in my life, but the urge to put it down in writing is something I can't explain nor can I stop doing it!


  1. I sure hope you don't stop. I want to see the new home!

  2. Just do what makes you happy and brings you enjoyment.

  3. I love to read your blog. So please don't quit. You have lots to write about as you get ready to move and then all about living in a new place and having a garden and how Rocky is doing and etc, etc, etc.

  4. Even though you are not travelling I think there are a number of us out in cyberspace that have an emotional connection to you, your family and Rocky. If it continues to provide you with satisfaction to write about your day then keep it up. We will support whatever decision you make.

  5. I sure like to read your Blog because it lets me know how you are. Even though I never met you personally I think of you as a friend. Don’t cut us off, please 😁😁

  6. I am definitely not near tired of reading your blog. But do what makes you happy most of all.

  7. I can certainly relate to how you are feeling. I have scaled back on my own blog as I lead a boring life and there is not much to write about the town I now call home.

    However, blog writing is a personal decision and only you can make it. I will be still lurking around and hopefully find a post from you.

    1. You do NOT lead a boring life, so don't cut back on blog writing! My life might not be so boring if I could drive, if I could drop into Mexico now and then, and even if my mother was still alive and lived with me! (I'd be a mental case if my mother lived with me)