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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Window a/c's

My landlady, who lives next door to Jeannie, has been trying to get the a/c guys to come and fix my unit.  I'm sure they are working long days with our current temps being in the area of 110 degrees!  She sent me a couple of window units which Donald installed in the bedroom and dining area windows, so the heat is more tolerable.  As uncomfortable as it can get, I remember the hot and humid summers of Cincinnati, before central a/c, and I survived those.  Actually the pain in my wrist overrides any other kind of pain.

We are on our way to 107 degrees this afternoon and I think we will have extremely hot weather for the rest of this month.  I can only hope it cools down in September as I never did like this heat - anything up to the mid-80's is tolerable in my book.  The worst part is that today the humidity is also high for this area.

Rocky is upset with me right now.   My order of two 30# bags of dog food just arrived and he wants me to bring it in the house.  There is no way that I can maneuver it up a couple of steps and into the house, so it is going to sit out there until I can get Donald to move it for me.

How much worse are things going to get for me?  How low can it go?



  1. Having your landlady be Jeannie's next-door neighbor certainly gives you leverage so when something as unfortunate as this happens you know it will be tended to quickly.

    I am glad you did not try to bring in the dog food on your own...Rocky will get over it...after all, he did have something to do with this.

    You have a wonderful son-in-law in Donald and a very caring and loving family overall...you are a very fortunate lady Gypsy :)

    1. I know I've been fortunate all my life. That's why it's so difficult for me now.