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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

All is well!

Once the electrician got the necessary part (breaker box, is what I believe he said), he quickly installed it before the heat of the day set in.  The house is cool and comfortable now, and I'm relieved it is taken care of.  I am also glad I stayed home last night and was here this morning to talk with the electrician.  My instincts are still good, which makes me happy to have confirmed, although I have never had a doubt about my instincts.

Now the big question of the day is, do I shower and get dressed, or do I remain in my pajamas all day.   If I shower, then I will have to decide  whether or not to wash my hair.  It's almost enough to make me stay in pj's today!

The heat will be bad today - going up somewhere around 108F.  I really look forward to the end of August and hope September will be a bit more moderate. 

I follow a couple of readers in Australia, and it's interesting to see them in sweaters and turtlenecks! 


  1. I am so glad the problem was resolved and that it was the breaker box and not the A/C unit.

    I know your children have your best interest at heart but I can also understand your need to make your own decisions.

    I may sound like a broken record but just in my mother's small circle of friends there are so many struggling right now be it with house chores, shopping for groceries, high electric bills, needing a ride to their medical appointments and their respective families could care less.

    May your high temperatures soon return to normal.

    1. I know I'm lucky to have my children, but got nervous when they ganged up on me and insisted they were going to make decisions that were mine to make,

  2. Very glad to hear you are in a happier state. Hope your temperatures will be more to your liking soon.

  3. Thank you, Vera. I will be so glad when the temperatures start to drop a little bit. Triple digits are awful!