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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Another X-ray

I usually look forward to getting out of the house but this afternoon I have to get an xray of my wrist before seeing the orthopedist tomorrow.  What a drag!  I don't feel any better, nor do I feel any worse - I just feel like crap and this is what I can look forward to for the rest of my life.  It might be different if  i could go for a walk, but with the bad air from nearby fires I can't even do that.  I did make myself walk a mile on my treadmill today, and should do that every day.  It's difficult to have enthusiasm for anything though.

The air is still hazy and even Rocky doesn't want to stay out in it for long.  My sense of smell isn't what it used to be, but Jeannie tells me she can smell the smoke in the air.

I'm daydreaming about throwing a big party when the pandemic is gone.  I hope that day isn't far off,


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  1. Hoping the x-rays will show what is causing you so much pain and that you get answers tomorrow. Living alone, I find that I must motivate myself each and every day in order to stay positive. Finding that I am successful in doing this most days. Just taking one day at a time.