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Friday, February 14, 2020

Wax Museum

Last night I went to Arianna's school where they had a "Wax Museum".  The 6th graders were all dressed and in a setting that represented a figure from history.  It spanned so much of history - there were several boys dressed as NY Yankees, as well as several representing the founding fathers of our country.  They covered just about every area of our history over the past 240 years or so.  Arianna was Grace Kelly, and was absolutely beautiful.  Jeannie had her wear the crown from her own wedding veil, and she looked spectacular.  The children covered such a wide span - from Bob Ross (the painter), to Ben Franklin, George Washington, etc., to Sally Ride, and so many more.  The kids were so good at maintaining a straight face and looking out in the distance, and I tried not to make eye  contact with them.  It was an absolutely stellar performance, especially considering they are 6th graders.  This takes place each year for the sixth graders.

I will walk Rocky to the vet tomorrow to get his nails clipped and a general exam.  It's a long walk - about 1-1/3 mile each way, and it will be good for both of us.  I'm going to give him a mild sedative  before we go, in hopes that he is more calm when having his nails clipped.  He seems to have settled down a bit lately and I live in hope he will be a little more laid back from now on.  I also hope the vet will be amenable to clipping his nails a little shorter than they have so far.  The nails of a black lab are totally black and the "blood line" is invisible, so they don't want to take chances.  I'd like to show them that I bleed because of his claws, so I'm not so worried that they clip them too close to the blood line.  Maybe that is not a good attitude, but it is what it is!

I need to do a good clean-up job on my garden plots.  The peas are looking good, but I don't know how many I can expect for this planting.  In the meantime I am bringing out my Solo cups that contain tomato seedlings to soak up the sun every morning .  They look good so far, and I hope most of them turn into great tomato plants.

Rocky is still on good behavior, and I hope he maintains it tomorrow on the visit to the vet.  I notice improvement on our walks every day.  I met a lovely woman across the street who is doing a lot of work on her yard, and enjoy stopping to talk to her.  Rocky sits very quietly and patiently, which is nice.  This isn't a neighborhood where it is easy to meet people, so I am really thankful to meet her,  just to talk to another human.

If you are in a situation where you meet others and have plenty of contact, then appreciate it while you have it.  Even though I'm an introvert I have always enjoyed social contact, and now it is few and far between.   Not a good thing.  I don't understand why the most difficult of life's lessons come at the end rather than the early part of life.

That said, I am so happy to be alive and have the support of a loving family.  What I really lack is the love and support of a spouse/partner.  So my advice is to love and  cherish what you have, while you have it!  Even if He or She is a total P.I.T.A.


  1. I bet Arianna looked beautiful as Grace Kelly, nice that her mom loaned her the crown from her own wedding veil.

    "I don't understand why the most difficult of life's lessons come at the end rather than the early part of life."

    A very wise observation Gypsy!

  2. Thank you Ms. B! I'm sure trying to hang in there.

  3. Watching your granddaughter and her class do this history play must have been fun. To bad you weren't able to get a picture of Arianna's picture bet she looked beautiful.

    Happy Rocky is still going really good on the walks. And hope he did well at the Vet. My dogs nails are also black and his groomer does such a great job.

    1. Arianna did a wonderful job, as did all those 6th graders. Rocky pulled on the leash all the way to the vet and back. That walk was just under 3 miles. We went to bed at 8pm last night and I just got up - 8am! These vets don't do a very good jub on Rocky's nails - for one thing they don't cut them short enough. I need to find a good groomer somewhere who will do a better job. I realize that black nails are difficult to judge because they can't see the blood line, but I told them his nails are trimmed every two weeks so the "quick" should be pushed back each time.