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Monday, February 3, 2020

I now have a gardener

He came on Saturday and mowed the back yard.  What an improvement, and I'm very happy with it.  Of course it will turn brown during the dry months, probably starting in April or May, but for now it looks good.
(Please click on a photo to enlarge it.)

Rocky did pretty well on a short walk this morning, but I couldn't take much of the chilly wind that was blowing.  Even though the sunlight is almost blinding, the wind made it too uncomfortable for me to stay out very long.

I've been busy planting tomato seeds for 5 varieties (maybe it's 6 varieties).  I've planted the seeds in disposable cups but unfortunately I don't know where to keep the cups.  It's chilly outside especially overnight,  and I really need grow lights.  Only one of my windows gets the morning sun but that wouldn't be enough to help them germinate.   The sun has left the deck  so I need to move them to a window indoors.  This looks like a lot, and I want to plant as many as I can, but I'm sure some of them won't survive.

I remember when I was younger and grew a lot of tomatoes one year  - I canned quite a few jars of them.  I remember it being much easier to can tomatoes than other fruits or veggies, but I'd have to look it up now to remember how to do it.  I don't want to go through the regular canning process as I don't have the equipment, the patience, nor the will to do it.  I have a while before I'll get the yield to be able to put some aside for canning. 

Another note about the garden, I planted a row of tall marigolds along one side of two garden plots.  I had intended to get the miniatures but picked the wrong seed packet, but those tall marigolds bloomed for the entire season and I had not one problem with destructive insects in my garden this year.  Now I'm pulling off the seed pods and probably have enough to line the entire perimeter of this property!  I had also planted seeds in the front of the house but they were all dug up.  I have a feeling it was a certain black labrador that dug them up, but he maintains that innocent look when questioned about it. 

I have just spent half an hour trying to untangle a roll of Saran wrap.  It has doggie teeth marks all over it and I'll just have to pitch the rest of the roll.  Will he ever get over his desire to chew on everything he can reach? 

Here's to a good week!


  1. The yard looks great. That is one huge yard! Yes you need a gardner to keep it in shape. Hope your plants take

    1. Thank you. The yard is on enough of a slope that I can't take good care of it. The garden plots are also sloped, and the water drains downhill, so I have to water it every day. It is a nice yard for a dog though. Don't ask me what I'm going to do if all those tomato seeds grow into plants that produce. I love growing them but probably got carried away this time.

  2. Congratulations on getting a gardener!

    I have often said that if I ever win the lottery the first thing I would do before buying me a car or land in Terlingua would be to hire a gardener (too bad I seldom if ever buy a lotto ticket).

    Wish I had your drive and could plant a garden but I can't even muster the will to rake the leaves :-(

    1. I don't know how I can plant a garden this year. My drive is slowly dwindling down, and last year I had some help and encouragement from Ara.

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