Eastern Utah
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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday Morning

I woke up early this morning and decided to just get out of bed.  I should do some outdoor work in the back yard, but will have to get up enough energy to actually do it.  My garden is looking kind of rough, although I won't be planting anything for at least a month or 6 wks.  The tomato plants are coming along nicely and I'll be glad when they grow enough to look like "real" tomato plants.

I've been avidly reading about the virus that is sweeping the world, and don't know what I should do.  I always enjoy shopping at Costco once a week but getting in crowds now doesn't seem like the thing to do.  Then, I realized that even if I managed to shop when there weren't many people, most of the merchandise has been touched by others who were there before me.  Even ordering for delivery doesn't make it safe. We are between a rock and a hard place! 

I have two flowering fruit trees, and I know one of them is cherry; the other is some kind of stone fruit but I'm not sure which.  All the trees on this property need to be pruned dramatically, but it isn't my job to have it done.  The apple tree drops so much fruit and I hate to put it onto the compost pile, but the apples don't taste good, probably from the tree being neglected over the years and allowed to grow way too big.   In my younger years I might try to do some of the work myself, but not these days.

I have a some daffodils that have opened up their beautiful yellow flowers.  I should have many more but a lot of the bulbs were dug up.  I blamed Rocky but it's more likely a different animal.  I can say that because Rocky is never outside the front door by himself and I would have noticed if he tried to dig anything up.  I wonder if it would be worth it in the future to cover the area with some kind of screening until the plants start to push up through the soil in the springtime. 

I'm wearing a pair of my new (larger size) jeans today and they look and feel wonderful.  Last night I noticed that the waistband on my lounge/sleep pants was too tight to be comfortable.  I've never been overweight in my life and think it would be a hoot if I became so in old age!  I doubt that will happen, but I should cut down on the sweets.

I hope you are all having a good weekend, take care, and stay safe.



  1. I was up early too. Once I wake up I rarely stay in bed for long. It has been raining and cloudy again so I did pretty much nothing. Maybe you can wear a mask when you go shopping and I aleays carry hand sanitizer. Can't not leave your house for fearful things.

    1. About the only kind of mask I could find were those that you wear when painting or trying to avoid fumes of some sort. I don't think they work at all on the virus. I realize I will have to shop for some things, although I usually have groceries delivered. That is not the best though, because I tend to get items I would never buy if I shopped in the store.

      Since this has reached pandemic stage, it could take a good chunk of the world's population.

  2. I was in the garden section of Dollar Tree yesterday and thought of you. They had tomato, daffodils, and wildflower seeds. For a minute there I considered buying some until I read the instructions. I am not about to rake the ground to spread them.

    I too am worried about the coronavirus and each time I drive into town have been stocking up on items mostly canned goods and bottled water.

    I knew that as soon as they announced that they were bringing people affected by the disease to a San Antonio Air Force Base this thing would spread in my state and it has.

    1. My oldest son is coming back to the U.S. in a few days from an overseas assignment, and he will be coming through San Antonio, I believe. I have stocked bottled water but realized that between the dog and me we would need more than a gallon a day. I just don't have room to store that much. I bought a 55 gal. drum about a year ago, but need help cleaning, sanitizing, and filling it. I don't think my kids have a clue either, so it just sits there empty.

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