Eastern Utah
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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Warmer weather ahead!

By warmer I mean to say our temps will rise into the 70's for the next 3 days.  The 60's have been just fine for me as I prefer wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt anyway.

The computer is working very well and I'm please beyond what I thought I would be.  Donald worked his magic and  my computer experience isnt much different than before, except everything works faster and better.  It's a bit annoying that when I leave the computer long enough for the screen to go dark, I have to tap my fingerprint in the designated spot for it to go back on.

I've been going through desk drawers looking for things I can discard.  I stuffed a lot of papers and other things into the drawers before I moved, so I have a real job ahead of me.

I have ordered a special collar for Rocky that should arrive today.  I'll talk more about it after it gets here and I have a chance to use it.  I'm about ready to throw up my hands on a dog that can behave beautifully until someone comes to the door or inside the house, and then it's like he has springs on his feet and keeps jumping higher and higher.  All the experts say things like "Turn your back on the dog", but all it does for Rocky is that he is trying to jump up on your back rather than the front.   He's 5 days away from being a year, so I guess he has a little more maturing to do.

A friend of my granddaughters has been over with them a couple of times, and compares her family's 6 month old female black lab - it sounds like they would make a fantastic pair.  I'd sure like for Chloe to bring her lab by sometime and see how they would react to each other - in the back yard of course where they could run and not knock things over!  It sounds like her lab is as "bad" as mine!

I notice I'm yelling at him more often, which you can imagine does nothing to solve the problem.  I'm just tired and frustrated with a dog with so much energy!  And to tell the truth, I'm tired of being isolated much of the time.  Rocky and I do go out on several walks a day, and he enjoys it except when a van or truck, or even a noisy car drives by.  It scares him! 

I think I'm  accomplishing a lot (for me) but I also seem to go from one thing after another because I get bored.  At least I can see progress in a few areas.

One thing I've noticed in this area is the sound and sight of many different birds.  In the mobile home park it was mostly jays and a hummer now and then.  Here I see a lot more varieties, and hear a mourning dove every day.  I haven't heard one of them since I lived in North Carolina! 

Rocky is stretched out on the floor napping, so I think I'll try to stretch out on the couch! 


  1. Good idea to take a nap when Rocky does.

    1. We will get our schedules coordinated one of these days!

  2. My friend had a dog that jumped on everyone and I tried the turning around but he did the same thing as Rocky and at least you can prepare for the jump if your facing the dog. Some time throwing your hands out palms up might stop them.

    1. I'm going to try a "calming collar" next. If that doesn't work ......

  3. What I would give for your temperatures. High in the mid 90's and this crazy wind bringing in more moisture from the Gulf.

    You and Rocky and me and the cats I just don't know what to do with them anymore :(

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