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Monday, May 27, 2019

Pros and Cons

I'm continually finding things to like as well as to dislike about where I live.  One good thing is the neighborhood list called "NextDoor", which is a compilation of things for sale, notices, lost and found pets, and much more.  It comprises neighborhoods in the surrounding area of Sacramento, and I'm finding it so interesting and informative.  Some day I will find a topic for which I could get involved, and get to know some of the people who are my neighbors.   (It's online, so I hear about things as soon as they happen.)

I am desperately waiting for my weed trimmer to arrive (probably tomorrow).  I went out in the back yard this morning to clean up  after the dog, and some of the grass and weeds are so high it will take me quite a while to whack them all down, and then I should rake them all up to make the back yard look more tidy.  There are a lot of tiny little insects that fly around when the grass is disturbed, so once I get it trimmed I will need to find a non-toxic insect spray, if there is such a thing!

The task of getting things fixed up and in order is a monumental one and I am slow-moving these days, but I will eventually make some headway that I can actually see.

I mentioned to my niece next door that I would pay her 18 yr old to help me with the back yard, but after nearly a week I haven't heard anything from him so I will just assume he doesn't want to do it.  Fine with me, I'll do it myself.

My kids have been telling me I shouldn't try to use a weed trimmer myself, but no one is jumping up to do it, so I just told them I'm not dead yet and I will take care of it myself.  I remember when my mom was at this stage, and I was probably guilty of listening to her say what she needed done and then not responding quickly enough.  I guess this is "payback".  I figure the weed trimming will take me quite a while, but I will just do it in small increments and not worry that when I reach the back of the yard it will be time to start all over at the beginning!  It will be much easier after the initial trimming is done.  I think the exercise will be better for me than if I sit down and watch somebody else do the work!

Jeannie & the girls are going on a hike locally - hope it is easy enough for me to keep up!  I'm taking Rocky's new collar and will let Ara handle it.  She's made Rocky her "pet"project for the time she is here, and he sure loves the attention.  She is really keeping his  behavior on track!

Enjoy the day!



  1. I would suggest you buy buy food grade diatomaceous earth/DE for the insects. Non-toxic, safe and even edible. But be careful spreading it on your yard. It's vine like talcum powder and not good on one's lungs. Use it when there is no air blowing. Also research DE to verify my knowledge of it.

  2. Whoops,fine not vine! I have no insects in my yard except flying ones. I'm truly puzzled - no spiders or anything, for it has been several years since I treated the dogs' territory with it for fleas.
    Being without a weed-eater, today I used kitchen shears along the fence. Wow! They work much better than hand grass shears although I still got the backache from standing to cut the grass and weeds & poison ivy that had grown 2.5 feet tall. "Invention is the mother of necessity". I highly recommend the kitchen shears.

  3. I just bought the weed trimmer that you ordered. My husband always took care of the outside yard work. Since he is unable to do so now I am having to do a lot of it. I am 75 years old and I use the weed trimmer and it is very easy to use. I had never used one before.

  4. I really need to do a walk around my yard with the weed sprayer I notices a few along the front side. All the rains we had did it's job.
    Enjoy your hike with the girls. Hope Ara can get Rocky trained a bit for you.