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Thursday, February 25, 2016


First, an update about using coconut oil as a moisturizer.  After trying it on my face for several days I don't think I'll use it any more.  It didn't do any better than my Vitamin E face cream, and I don't like the coconut smell, even if it doesn't last long.  I hate to throw out the nearly-full jar of coconut oil but don't see any use for it.

I'm starting to clean up and weed out clothing I no longer need, although I haven't done it according to the precepts of the book by Marie Kondo.  I will, but right now I am reading the book and I'll see how I will approach it when I get to the end of the book.

About the book - I'm almost sure Kondo is Japanese, and probably lives in Tokyo or one of the large cities in Japan.  The book is written in meticulous English, and I don't know if it's a translation or if Kondo actually wrote it for the English speaking world.

When reading this book you need to keep in mind that the Japanese live in much smaller spaces than the average American, so you can understand why keeping only those  possessions you actually use is necessary.  I also think any of us who have lived or traveled at length in an RV can grasp the intent of the book very quickly.  If you don't keep possessions to a minimum and only the things you actually use, you will soon be overpowered with "stuff" in every available spot, and that can lead to a "messy" look even when it isn't messy. But to each his or her own, especially where it concerns RV living.

Today I am doing laundry as I decided to change to the summer sheets.  I also rotated the mattress, a very difficult job for 1 person, and am washing the mattress pad as well.  I may as well clean the floor while I'm at it!  All this cleaning might make some folks feel good and sanctified but it just makes me tired!

Later, by 3pm I am worn to a frazzle!  I still have some clothes on the line that didn't seem dry enough to take down yet, but I have made my bed from the skin out and it looks nice.  I got out my summer comforter which has a poly fill, good for chilly Sacramento nights but not as warm as down.  I haven't yet figured out what to do with the down comforter, but I think I saved the large bag it came in, if I could only remember where I stored it last fall.

I'm worried about where the hummingbirds have gone.  About every 2 or 3 days one will come to the feeder and that's the last I'll see of them for another few days.  There have always been quite a few who remain in the area year around, but I wonder if something - biological, seismological, or other "ogical" is affecting their patterns.

I got a notice with my rent bill today that a volunteer will soon be around to explain the evacuation plan for the Park residents.  I guess it depends on what the reason to evacuate will be - if it's an immediate danger then I can just swing over the back fence.  Actually I'd need to take a chair to raise myself up enough to "swing" over.  My main concern has always been earthquake, but I suppose nothing is outside the realm of possibilities these days.  I don't care for myself as I have lived a long and wonderful life, but my children and grandchildren need the chance to do the same.

I think it's time for my afternoon glass of wine, if I can find a wine glass to drink it from!  


  1. The sorting stage is always so hard, so I try not to look to closely and put in a bag. Of course I have gotten rid a a few things I shouldn't have and now can't find that color again anywhere.
    I was going to change back to the summer sheets too then it got cold again, but did strip everything down.

    I noticed this with the hummers here too. I had them fighting over the feeders and now I rarely see them. I do know that more new neighbors are now feeding them so maybe that's what it is.

  2. I may be sorry I put the summer weight bedding on, especially if it gets cold again. I'll just wear warmer pj's to bed in that case.

    I have great hopes as to paring down my stash of clothes, but it's the photographs I worry about dealing with. I have gone through each one a couple of months ago and was overwhelmed by not knowing how to deal with so many. I did throw out all the duplicates, and I sneaked a look to the photo section of Kondo's book, where she recommends tossing anything that you don't recognize - scenery in particular. If you can't identify where it was taken then you should toss it. That might not apply if you are bordering on professional, but I'm nowhere near that good so I should be able to get rid of a lot.

  3. Oh well, I may try the coconut oil just so I can smell it around me all the time except it would probably make me constantly hungry for coconut. I love sleeping on clean sheets especially if they have been dried on the line. Smells so fresh and clean.

    1. To be truthful the smell of coconut is only noticeable for a short time. i just don't care for it at all, any of the time.

  4. I have used coconut oil that smells of coconut, and some that has no smell at all. I actually like the one with the faint odor. In any case, you can use it as a film of oil on the bottom on your frying pans, or to grease pans you are going to use for baking. If you poach eggs, a light film on the bottom of the frying pan helps to keep the egg from sticking. I also put a teaspoon or so of salt in the poaching water, which helps to keep the whites in place. Not foolproof, but better than nothing. Vinegar is good for this, too, and for a while I was using both, but have gone to just the salt, and that has been fine.

    Virtual hugs,


    1. I will just toss the stuff that smells like coconut. I understand that refined coconut oil doesn't have the smell, but I don't think I really have a need for it. I like my olive oil, and usually cook eggs in bacon grease. Also, in my advanced years I've become lazy and usually just scramble eggs rather than do anything that takes a deft hand. I grew up on eggs fried over easy in bacon grease, and have never been fond of poached eggs. If I compare the two, I love fried the best. And especially with the scrambled varieties I often add leftover vegetables, onions & mushrooms, etc.

  5. Buy some lavendar essential oil and put some in your coconut oil. You will love it.