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Friday, December 7, 2012

The days speed by

I don't know how, but they go faster and faster it seems.  I drove to the Sac Food 
Co-op this morning and was pleasantly surprised to find today, being the first Friday of the month, gave me a 10% discount on all my purchases.

After lunch I thought I would quickly run through the few TV channels I watch, and ended up getting hooked for the afternoon on the History Channel which featured WWII.  It was an HD version, and I didn't really like the colorized version of what I had seen my entire life in black and white.  I don't know how they figured out how to color all those film clips but they did.  It is amazing how a country emerging from a great depression, which was a third rate military power, was able to enter a world war on two fronts and emerge victorious in just 5 years!  This is the day Pearl Harbor was attacked, 71 years ago!

So the sun is ready to fall below the horizon and I haven't anything to show for the day except getting groceries.  Another weekend is upon me and I usually don't drive on weekends, and especially with the holiday shoppers out I will probably stay home tomorrow.  Maybe I can do some housecleaning.  What a crappy thought!    It was such a short time ago that I was in my teens, and after sleeping half the day if I could get by with it, never had a problem finding something interesting to do.


  1. Hi, Gypsy. We are the same about the weekends. We live just south of I-20 between Dallas and Ft. Worth. So you can imagine. And there's a Walmart on 20 on our side. The rule is, go on Friday before 4:00, or wait until Monday.

    Amazing how fast the days go, isn't it? Seems like every other day is a Friday. I am some glad that you are feeling better!

  2. It's down right scary how fast the days zip by. Our Walmart is a zoo and I really hate it. All these old people drive me crazy. lol

  3. You are so right about time, where does it go?? It always seemed to creep by when I was a kid especially sitting in a classroom. Would that bell never ring??

  4. Remember when we were kids how long a day seemed to be? Now we get up, turn around, and another day goes by. . .

  5. I would like the History channel a lot better if they would live up to their name & stick to history. It seems the show 'Pawn Stars' has pretty much taken over that channel now. What has shows like that got to do with history. Way too many of those men's macho hero type supposed reality shows on TV these days. Waaaay too many!! Haven't really noticed time flying by but I can't figure out why all of a sudden I seem to be 68 years old......how did that happen!!

  6. At least you can see the sun falling behind the horizon. It's been pretty dreary here since last Sunday. :(

  7. You know what they say,"life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end the faster it goes." :)))