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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The birthday party

I actually enjoyed the party at the bounce house - the time went by pretty quickly and the kids all had fun.  All of Autumn's kindergarten class had been invited, and I have never seen such a nice bunch of kids - no one was rowdy, pushed or shoved, and they were so well behaved while having fun at the same time.

This is Ara and me:

Autumn's cake - and ...

Another cake that looked like a pizza but was chocolate with strawberry preserves mixed in. It reminded me of Billy Bob's chocolate cherry cake - at least the blending of the flavors.

There was plenty of Mountain Mike's pizza to eat as well before the opening of the gifts.  Today (18th) is her actual 6th birthday.

Ara and I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and I completed my Christmas shopping.  Kids have way more toys and clothes today than I think they need, so I prefer to get books.  And before anyone says it, I understand that Amazon and ordering online is cheaper, but I hate to think of the day when that will be the only way a person can shop.  For myself, I like to hold things in my hand, see the quality or lack thereof, and just get a feel for whether I think the person (or myself) will like it.  And as I've said a hundred times or more, I like to support local businesses that employ local people. 

I can't believe there is just one week until Christmas!  Mike and his family arrive on Friday evening, and I hope the weather enroute doesn't cause them any delays.  I don't know if they are flying nonstop or have to change planes somewhere, which is where timing and a smooth trip can begin to break down.

It's lunch time and I still haven't gotten dressed.  The sun will be going down before I know it and I will have missed a beautiful sunny day in Sacramento.  I need to enjoy it because I think we are in for another week or rainy showery weather.

Speaking of Sac weather, when I moved here in the 1980's, people told me about the rainy winters.  They said "It rains a lot, and you just dress for it and go out in it and do whatever you would like to do.  You don't let the rain stop you."  And I did just that.  But now, 20+ years later, I look at the rain and think "Aw hell, I'm not going out in that mess."  I guess I miss a lot.


  1. What gorgeous looking cakes! Sounds like a great birthday party.

    Glad to see you and Ara again.
    Hope you get some more nice weather so you can get out in it.
    Sounds like you are feeling much better. Cool beans as Judy would say!

  2. Pizza cake. That gives me a idea...pepperoni upsidedown cake. What ya think???
    There ain't no way your gonna ever catch old Billy Bob outside in the rain do'n stuff. Rain was invented for ducks.
    Sure is good to know you're back to your old self. Do'n stuff ya know. Hang in there girl, winter will be over before ya know it.

  3. I, too, think books are great for kids. I also like to hold them in my hands as I pick them out.

    Cool beans, for sure. ;)

  4. Hi Gypsy, As you know, I, too, love bookstores. I found one in your old home town recently that is way neat, Joseph-Beth. The Book Loft, German Village, Columbus, is a lot of fun, too. 32 rooms, I think, and up and down steps to check out all the rooms filled with books. Joseph-Beth is a lot easier to navigate and they have a ton of books, too. Picked up three there Sunday. Two for the grandchildren, one for me. Plus, they gift wrap for free. All we have where we live is Barnes & Noble. The reason for my note. If you belong to their program, they quite often send coupons and some are enough that you wouldn't save much more than pennies ordering on line. My only problem with them (especially our local store -- there is one on the way to Cinci that is much bigger) is that they have somewhat limited stock. So often I'll look for something and they can usually order, but don't stock. Don't get me wrong. I love Amazon, and I don't even want to think about how much $s I spend there, but with careful shopping you can get some good prices and still shop local.

    Very best wishes for the holidays, Peggy

  5. Gorgeous cakes...as always. And yes, buying locally is a good thing. Glad you got to see your granddaughter. You both look very happy together.

  6. Merry Christmas Gypsy

    The cakes are unreal!!! Glad your NY family came down

    Pizza and cake ... I mean what else is there ;)

  7. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, Gypsy! Hope all is well; suppose you are having great times with your family from New York. Maybe, if we're lucky, you're taking pictures to show us!

  8. So much food, so many parties.

    I know this is somewhat late but as I sit here recovering from our Christmas Day feast of yesterday, I'm thinking of you.

    Wishing you a wonderful family time, a Merry Christmas, what's left of it, and very Happy new Year.