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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cell Phone Dilemma

I've often complained about my cell phone, and now I'm about to drop it altogether.  I have about 180 minutes left and 4 days of usage.  It will cost a minimum of $20 to top it off, which would add about 60 minutes and a couple more months of usage.  I won't use that many minutes in the next year, so I am thinking of just letting the whole  thing drop.  I could always get another TracFone when I travel across country, but I certainly wouldn't pay for a lot of minutes.  Personally I don't think I need it at all.  Nothing is different than it was between 2004 and 2008 when I traveled cross country every year, usually during the winter months, with no cell phone.

Phil asked when I was going to post some pictures taken by my new camera.  I haven't been out to take photos for one, because I haven't been driving much since my illness, and the fact that there were heavy rains much of the time.  We've just had a few clear days which have been so welcome, but rains are expected tonight. 

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  1. Have you looked into Straight talk at Walmart. You pay as you use, like we do with our wifi. We have talked to people who really like it. Apparently some of the phones bounce off the Verizon towers. We are thinking about looking into them when our contract is up in March. They also have a device for your home phone too, that cost around $15 a month.

  2. I think carrying a cell phone for emergencies while traveiling is a smart move. Just makes good sense. I think getting the right & least expensive plan is the key. I carried a cell phone years ago when I was on the road a lot. Might have used it 5 times in three years...& that was for road emergencies.

  3. I agree with Al. A phone for emergencies while on the road is a good thing. I've often thought I might check into that Straight talk. Not sure what kind of coverage it has though.

  4. I don't use my cell phone much, but there are times when using a phone is necessary. I think Al may no longer carry one because he has Kelly to take care of business for him. :)

  5. I am fortunate enough to be on my daugher's cell phone plan; it allows 5 phones; they only have 2 kids. My husband has a go phone from AT&T. Bought the phone cheap--under $20?? Since the buttons were so small, we switched the sim card to a no-longer-used Samsung. I just renewed his phone last night. Costs $25 for 90 days. He has lots of unused minutes; they roll over as long as I renew before the 90 days is up. I think $25 for 3 months is a pretty good deal! His having a phone has saved the day several times over the past few years. There is no contract involved. When you are traveling, it would give your family peace of mind to know that you could reach them---or they you---if an emergency should arise.

  6. I wouldn't travel without a cell phone. Yes, we all did it in the past, but we were younger then - and invincible !!

    One day a few years ago my 90-something aunt fell off a curb and under a car and couldn't get out on her own. Fortunately, someone spotted her after a while, and the car did not run over her. I'm not sure she could have managed a cell phone under the circumstances, but that is when I got her one and put her on our home plan for just $10. a month extra.

    She rarely used the phone, thus did not impact our minutes to any degree, but it helped me to know that she had a fighting chance should the need arise to summon assistance.

    Virtual hugs,

    Judie  <-- Sierra Vista, Arizona


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  7. I'm glad to have my cell phone because I use it to tether my computer for Internet use. But even before I was RVing, I carried one for emergencies. I had the lowest number of minutes for the cheapest plan.

    If I didn't need the unlimited data, I would probably get one of those throwaway phones. Remember, too, from what I've heard, ALL cell phones work if you need it for 911 - I think that's still true. You can check it out and don't buy any minutes at all, just keep you phone for true emergencies.

  8. I definitely appreciate your dilemma and all the comments about it. Our cell phone bill and the internet charges are just too high. So I'm collecting alternatives for when the contract (which is the part I hate the most) runs out.

  9. Techie alert: I consider myself a fairly savy coms person, but even I get lost in the thread I'm going to post.
    Wade through that to see some low(er) cost cell plans. If nothing else, go to the websites shown and read for yourself. When I come back to the States in February to visit again I'll probably switch Mom and I to one of those plans. Currently I pay $112/mo just to keep my US number active on ATT.

  10. For safety's sake, you NEED a cell phone.

  11. yyeah.... I' with the .... you need a cell phone for safety's sake - crowd. Just get one to use for nothing more than peace of mind.

    A few year's back there were pay phones here and there. Those rascals are hard to find trhese days.... you just can't stop and use a phone any longer. unless a business will let you use their's.. not good ... you need a cell phone, Gypsy.