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Friday, December 14, 2012

Another doctor visit

I need to get to bed earlier tonight than I have been lately, as I have to be downtown to see my doctor for a follow-up at 9:30 am tomorrow.  I've become used to staying up later and staying in bed longer in the morning.  I think my mattress and down comforter are the best in the early morning.  I don't have much to ask the doctor - I've been having a bit more indigestion than I usually have, but I've found when you mention the slightest issue there is a test they want you to take.  I decided a long time ago I'm not swallowing a damn camera and I don't care how they feel about it.  

My granddaughter is flying in from Pennsylvania this evening, and should be at home by now.  It will be so good to see her.

It is much colder now than it has been yet this season, and will probably drop down some more.  I don't think we will see any snow in Sacramento, although we did get enough snow to cover the ground when I lived here in the 1980's.

So far I haven't needed to take the blood pressure meds, and I am so happy about that.  I wondered why until I watched Dr. Oz today and he talked about a diet that kept blood pressure down - about exactly what I eat anyway.  I'm sure most ailments can be managed by diet rather than chemicals that enrich the drug companies.   I'm still debating whether or not to get the flu shot, and I know that will be the main thing the Dr. will hit me with when I get there tomorrow.  I halfway agreed to it, but I don't like or trust the idea.

Well, early to bed for me tonight.  Later -


  1. g'night ... and yes, I agree the least amount of chemicals we put in our bodies, the better... my sugar addiction is going to kil me... but other than that? I eat very well.

    hahaaa mac n cheese and sweet potatoes... lord

    BUT as a rule, I eat very well... that's my story and I'm sticking to it....

    You are so smart for going to the doctor ... I am the world's worst baby ... white coat syndrome -- it even has a name ... the only time I've been to see a doctor is when I was pregnant with my son at 41 ... last time I saw a doctor was after he was born ... I was 42 and I'm almost 70 ... I have a feeling if I were to go ... they would just send me right on to the morgue... bypass the hospital and just right on in...

    sad, innit

  2. Had to swallow one of those damn cameras a couple times many years ago. Not nice!! No flu shots for me either. Been very lucky about not having to see Doctors over the years but I think this age thing has been catching up over the last couple years for a lot of us.

  3. For your indigestion try about 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water when you first get up in the morning. If you go to a doctor they will put you on acid reducing drugs. At our age, it's more than likely low acid that's causing it. Symptoms are the same for low and high acid. I've recently gone off Nexium that I'd been on for many years and am using the apple cider vinegar. Buy it from a health store though not the stuff you get in the grocery. Up here I get Braggs.

  4. I have a couple of good friends who swear by the apple cider vinegar. I don't like early morning appointments any more either. I wake up but I hate to get dressed until about 11:00 or so. LOL

  5. I wouldn't take a flue shot, they are only formulated for past outbreaks or are a guess of what may be. A friend was paralyzed by a flue shot and never quite returned to normal.

  6. We don't do flu shots. Husband is asthmatic; flu shot years ago made him sick. A couple of years ago, iwas at my doctor's office for my yearly physical. My doctor(after 22 years he is also a friend) told me that the flu shot the last year had made him so sick that he wasn't sure he would get another. He is an internal medicine specialist.