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Friday, December 14, 2012

I am glad I don't have any medical appointments for a while.  I left with an Rx for Zantax for the indigestion, and generic plavix for a blood thinner - supposedly it doesn't upset the stomach as badly as aspirin.  I told my doctor I would like to start out at a half tablet a day since I seem to be ultra sensitive to a lot of drugs on the market.  I will probably have to get blood tests again in about 6 months, and if the anemia is still there I'll be referred to a hematologist.  I repeated my wish to not be tested for any kind of cancer, and hematology and oncology seem to have a fine line separating them.  The doctor showed me my test results and explained one by one what it would be if I had leukemia.  So if it is not likely cancer I will make the decision about seeing a hematologist if the situation arises.

I had looked up info about flu shots last night and wrote down a number of salient points, as ammunition for why I didnt want the shot.  The Doc completely forgot about it and I didnt have to say a word.  Now I'll have to be a little more careful about being around the grandkids if they get flu like symptoms.  That hurts, as I've never worried a second either with my own children or any of the grands.  I wonder if I could even survive the flu, so I'd better use some caution, but then I'm not known for being cautious about such things.

Like most other Americans, I am in a state of complete shock over the shooting today of so many children and adults, and in an elementary school where it seems they should be safe.


  1. Today's disaster was enough to make the healthiest among us feel sick!! Cannot imagine the grief of those families. Just read a minute ago--in an online story, that the shooter had a mental problem? But he was able to get his hands on weapons to kill. Our laws make no sense.

    I agree with you on the flu shot--as I commented in last night's post. Forgot to mention that nobody in our family has ever had the flu. Daughter and gkids get shots every year, mainly because she works in a hospital. Hope I don't jinx myself & come down with it!!!

    Think it interesting that I agree perfectly re your attitude about cancer. Have told my MD--no more mammograms or other tests. I've lived a pretty long life; would refuse treatment if cancer were discovered. My attitude might be different if my spouse of nearly 50years were likely to outlive me....

  2. I have pernicious anemia caused by an inability to absorb Vitamin B12 through my stomach lining. Took a Hematologist to figure that one out. Lots of reasons for anemia. We get flu shots - Jim's system is definitely not strong enough to fight off the flu right at the moment. Hope the meds help the indigestion. And be healthy.

  3. For me, a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water works wonders for indigestion without the malabsorption problems with the pharmaceuticals.

  4. Glad you're doing good... I hope if I find out I have something terible awful bad that euphanasia will be legal for humans... As I've said many times... it isn't the dying I'm afraid of ... it's the going piece by piece ... no thank you.

    Mike struck again... ;sad