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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What a beginning to the day!

I finally got everything packed into the car this morning and left a little before 8:30. After driving several miles I noticed the light that warns the fuel tank is low. Of course there wasn't an exit ramp or a gas station in sight, so I touched the vehicle on the screen, then selected fuel, and lo and behold, it gave me a list of stations nearby. Of course when you are in unfamiliar territory you really can't tell which is closest, and I think the one that said "4.9 miles" was the distance to the exit ramp.

I followed the directions given by the Garmin and seemed to be way out in the northeastern PA countryside. The needle on the gauge seemed to be moving ominously toward Empty, and in checking the entire route (by touching the top center of the screen) I could have cried. There were a number of turns and a number of miles. After driving about 10 miles the GPS announced that I should turn left. I was coming up to an intersection and had the red light. Before my eyes a horse and buggy came whizzing across the intersection - I couldn't estimate the speed, but that horsey was bookin' !

Now I'm really on empty but the car hasn't stopped yet, when I turned my head to the right and there was a fuel station - but not the one I selected. I turned in there pretty quickly and filled the tank. While I was fueling up I noticed an Amish man with the beard and hat filling a gas can from one of the pumps. I speculated on what he was going to be using it for, but figured it had to be some sort of machinery. When he had it filled he walked across the road to it but I didn't see his horse and buggy in sight. The property seemed to be some sort of small mfg plant, so maybe he worked there and was the "gofer", and that was why he was getting fuel. Oh well, I finally got my tank filled and was on my way back to the Interstate.

Traffic wasn't all that bad going west today, but the tolls are pretty steep to drive over a road with many work areas, lane closures, etc. It could have been much worse, but I'm sure sick of road construction, and it is everywhere.

I noted that many trucks are now pulling 3 trailers, which I really don't like the idea of, and I wonder what the effect is on the roadway. I don't like passing them for one thing. The speed for cars on both Ohio & Indiana turnpikes is 70 for cars and 65 for trucks. Enforcement must be in place because most all the trucks weren't going over 65. I eventually slowed down to 65/66 when I thought about my fuel mileage.

Now I'm at the Motel 6 in Hammond, Indiana, and to get here from I-80 was quite an accomplishment and involved a detour. I had just about come to the conclusion that I was a "has-been" when it comes to driving in big city traffic, but maybe I have a few more good trips left. I can't say I like it, but I followed directions and made it without incident. I haven't decided what route I will take to Milwaukee, but I hope I can find something that isn't too close to the Chicago suburbs.

The new Garmin is better than I thought, except I still don't like the voice. I notice she tends to leave the endings off words, such as "Tur left", and when it comes to an exit such as 6-A/B, she tends to stress the "A", so it sounds like "6 Abie". She generally drives me crazy, and I dislike the way she says "recalculating" the worst.

Ah, I should complain. I've driven nearly 800 stressful miles and it hasn't been all that bad. I'm going visiting tomorrow, so I may just come back to this Motel 6 and leave for Milwaukee on Thursday morning.

Oh by the way, as I pulled into the motel parking lot the yellow low fuel warning light came on. Now I have to scramble to find a gas station in the morning.


  1. Hammond! You're in Hammond! You couldn't get any closer to me if you tried. Ok, well maybe. Let me know if you come back to this area! We can have coffee or something. I'm a reader and womoengosolo member. I can't wait to get on the road like you gals! I'm usually located around Highland or Valparaiso. Cabela's right here by 80/94 and US 41, in Hammond let's you stay for free in their parking lot if you don't mind boondocking. Right off 80/94. Anita :)

  2. I think road construction is going full force on all the interstates this summer. I know it is out here. Such a pain. You're doing great. Take a day off and rest if you want to. The snow isn't falling yet.

  3. I don't have a Garmin but I am sure you can change the voice to something else. The TomTom I have has several ones to choose from. I sure the Garmin is better. Take care. I read your blog every day.

  4. Gypsy, you can change the voice on your Garmin. I don't know how up-to-date or how old yours is, but it should take you to the nearest gas station. Instead of pressing the car, press where to and points of interest and select gas stations or fuel (can't remember)--see if that does any better for you. I've never tried touching the car--have been meaning to ever since you wrote about it.

    Happy travels...

  5. Be sure to fill up tomorrow morning. Prices are even worse in Illinois. See you in the morning! :)

  6. I just went through 13 states and the worst roads we encountered were in Indiana and Ohio. That was one reason why we returned home the southern route.

  7. We have an older Garmin & yes, you can change the voice. I think you have about half a dozen options. Bet your glad your not hauling that big old 5ver trailer right about now:))

  8. I'd like to make a suggestion that might help your anxiety level on gassing up. If you can, keep your tank level no lower than 1/4 before you fill up. I have a vehicle that has the fuel pump IN the fuel tank and when it went out, mechanic told me to never let gas get lower than 1/4 to keep the fuel pump covered in gas. I don't know if yours is there, but many are, so you can save it and your anxiety lower, if you never have to worry about when to fill up before you get on long stretches between gas stations. :)

  9. Glad Cindy commented on watching ur gas gage. I was wondering how u could travel without doing it, waiting on a lite to come on. lol
    I ran out of gas ONCE,,,hahahaha, so maybe that's why i watch my gage.

  10. Judy, I tried touching the car on my Garmin, today, and it told me the same thing regarding gas stations as points of interest did--I compared the two. I didn't know about touching the car until you wrote about it. I use points of interest all the time, but more for restaurants or parks so thanks for the tip!