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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blind Spot

To answer the comment from Anonymous that I should quit driving before I kill myself and others on the road, I will say I think everyone has a blind spot, and we learn about that when we learn to drive. We make adjustments such as turning our heads to look as well as checking the rear view and side mirrors. I do all this, and usually have no problem at all.

When I began to notice on my last day of driving that I was not able to check this blind spot, I realized it was probably the mirror on the right side that needed adjustment, and did so. I now have a much better view of what is coming up alongside of me. I miss the mirrors on the truck, and I got accustomed to the excellent view I had with those.

So to Anonymous and to anyone else who think I should hang up my keys, I would say . . . nah, I won't say it. I will tell you I think I have the problem solved and will keep alert to see if it happens again. The last thing I want to do is to kill myself or anyone else, so I'm going back to the AAA method of setting the mirrors to eliminate, or at least alleviate the problem of a blind spot.


  1. I find I have to check the mirror setup regularly as the rough roads these days tends to upset the adjustment.

    Stay safe!

  2. With both Jim and I driving the truck we have to readjust the mirrors every time. Learned years ago to always check mirrors in case somebody came along and moved them, either on purpose or accidentally.

  3. I find it easier to drive the motorhome than my SUV because of the larger mirrors. Car makers will not put bigger mirrors on an SUV - doesn't look cool.

  4. I have a really long rear view mirror that clips over the one on my windshield. Covers the blind spots. There's also those little round ones that stick onto the outside mirrors. I need all the help i can get, lol.

  5. My eye surgeon has consistently told me I am capable of driving when I feel like I can. So the burden is on me, and I take that very seriously. For the record, I went out this morning to get some supplies for a camping trip this coming weekend, and with my right hand mirror properly adjusted I can see just about perfectly.

  6. Unhelpful Commenter is unhelpful.

    Glad your blind spot is in the mirror, not your retina.


  7. Gypsy, every time we buy a car we buy those little convex mirrors and they stick onto your regular mirror. With those you don't have any blinds spots.

  8. Ah yes!

    Mr/Ms "Nony Moose". He/she is out there. Watching. Waiting. Offering "helpful" advise. And opinions. Let's not forget the opinions. 'Cause like buttholes, everybody's got one.
    Of course, having a keyboard and an internet connection doesn't necessarily mean a person has the synaptic capability to actually fess up and put a name to their comment. That would be too complicated.

    *rolls eyes*

    Keep on truckin'.

  9. I think Terri has it right. Bigger the vehicle, the bigger the mirrors. Small mirrors on cars have always bugged me too. And as far as Anonymous commenters go....remember our emails, your Anonymous commenter may or may not really be...Anonymous!!

  10. Boy you have really made a fast trip. I was without internet for about 4 days and you are already in California and visited family and gotten the stuff into storage.

  11. Check out this link for a small towable.

    It is called a Wazat.