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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Visit with Sandie and Jim

The day began ok, and I got on the road at 8:30. Before I even got out of town the traffic was stopped as only one lane was available and it required the pilot car to escort the vehicles. I sat there for 30 full minutes waiting for our turn.

Into North Dakota there was another stretch of road work, in which the entire road bed in both directions was torn up, resulting in a very long wait followed by what seemed to be an endless trip over dirt and gravel.

After what turned out to be a tiring travel day, I got to visit with Sandie and Jim

The Dixons are a delightful couple, and I immediately felt like we were old friends. Most RVers know that feeling very well. They took me to dinner at Perkins, and we sat and talked long after the meal was finished. I hope to see them again in future travels.

I have decided that Montana is definitely one of my favorite states. There is something different you notice about the sky from the moment you cross the border. Of course, the downside is all the road work, but I have found that to be in every state I've traveled this year. Glad to see people with jobs though, and I wonder what most of them will do when the construction season ends.

I'm very tired this evening and will probably go to sleep early. I may stop at Butte, MT tomorrow which would be a short day and I am in need of a short day right now.


  1. Gypsy, it was so great to spend some time with you. Definitely a good friend and looking forward to spending more time with you. Think you should come back to MT next summer and spend more time.

  2. Nice you got to meet Jim & Sandie. I've been reading their blog for quite awhile now. Because we never travel in the Summer we are fortunate enough to miss all that construction stuff. I remember liking Montana as well when I was there back in 92.

  3. Meeting Jim and Sandie would be a highlight for me. :)

  4. At first glance, that first picture looked like a pre-historic dinosaur. Are you sure you didn’t drive too fast and go back in time (grin)

  5. You're making really good time, almost there!

  6. You are probably in hot pursuit for the coast since you have to make it back for your youngest grandson's first birthday. But if you decide you have a 1/2 day to kill today go south to Island Park, ID. It's just southwest of West Yellowstone. You can go to Johnny Sacks Cabin (A must see!) and the lower and upper Mesa falls. Not to mention it is a beautiful drive and not much road work down there. You can even stop and camp at Henry's lake.