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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jack is On, and Jill is Gone!

This morning my brother helped me to reset the voice on my Garmin GPS. As you know, I was being driven crazy by the female voice, and Bill found out that there are two American voices - Jack and Jill. We switched to Jack and so far he is doing pretty well.

But back to last Thursday when I left Hammond, Indiana. It didn't take long to get around Chicago and north to Milwaukee. The toll booths are aggravating, and if I traveled often in this area I would certainly get an iPass. But I didn't even run into traffic or road work until I got close to Milwaukee, and I made my way pretty well. Of course, Jill kept saying "Recalculating" but I managed to ignore her and refused to drive through the middle of Chicago.

I spent Thursday night at my brother and sister-in-law's house, and also had a nice visit with my niece, Julie. We left Friday morning for Bark River Campground, where their motorhome is parked and stored when they aren't using it - about 50 miles or so from their home. It is a very attractive campground with many amenities, and naturally there were lots of people there for the weekend. The motorhome is parked pretty well away from the bulk of campers, and in a roomy spot with another RV only to one side of them. They have a Newmar Kountry Club MH and it is beautiful and spacious.

On Saturday Julie and her daughter, Ashley, came up to spend the day. Lady was happy to see Ashley, who is the person who kept her company when I was here the last time and went down to Chicago for the day. The weekend was over too quickly and it was time to pack up and leave this morning. I drove only about 175 miles today and stopped at 1:30 - I'll try to leave early tomorrow morning and drive a longer day.

I feel very fortunate being able to spend a few days with my brother and his family, both going to New York and well as returning from. I had never been to Milwaukee before, and only saw them at a wedding now and then. Their hospitality has been incredible, and I'm almost embarrassed at how well I've been treated, and how Wilma (my s-i-l) has waited on me, done all the cooking, etc. Of course we talked a lot about various types of rigs, and how nice it would be if we could travel together one of these days if I ever can get another one.

So now I have quite a ways to go and don't really know how I will drive it, but will just decide whenever I feel like it. Everything is subject to change, as we know.

I am spending the night in Rothschild, WI and will be heading towards Duluth, MN tomorrow.


  1. I've heard there is quite a bit of construction in Duluth. Good luck with that. It's great that you had a nice visit of several days with your brother. :)

  2. We are just up the road from you. If we had known you were heading this way you could have stayed here. We are at exit 188.
    Yes, construction in Duluth is quite bad. Many detours. Have a safe trip. If you have time to email yet today perhaps we could meet up later for ice cream.

  3. Great that you could visit with your family. Safe travels.

  4. Milwaukee is a great place to be from and to visit. I'm from there, and summers were always humid and winters far to cold. But the people where good and mostly down to earth.

  5. "So now I have quite a ways to go and don't really know how I will drive it, but will just decide whenever I feel like it."

    Yep, that's my kinda traveling too Gypsy...."just decide whenever I feel like it."

  6. Such a good feeling to catch up with family...
    Travel safe!

  7. It isn't summer - it's road construction season. So be careful out there. Glad you got to catch up with family.

  8. If you can locate "Daniel" on your GPS, you might find his more refined British accent more pleasing than either Jack or Jill. Daniel speaks more slowly, and is easier for me to understand.

    His pronunciation oftimes produces a giggle, though, as when he tells me we are near Elephant Butte! Apparently he thinks the "e" is silent in Butte!

    Judie Ashford

  9. It's nice to meet up with family. My brother is in Alaska and I haven't seen him in many years. I will look forward to seeing him and my s-i-l once they head back to the lower 48.
    Take your time heading back to Sac. It's not like you are on a schedule. Have a fun and safe trip.

  10. Oh gosh.. you were SO CLOSE to both me and Paula! We could have met for a quick coffee or something.

    I am about 70 miles from Paula... and we could have had a real gab-fest!