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Saturday, September 12, 2020

New blogger layout

This blog may be nearing the end.  I definitely don't want to change to yet another blogger format - there have been several changes since I've been blogging - well over 3000 posts ago - and I've always felt that change for change;s sake is just a way to keep the developers busy.  Maybe blogger doesn't need so many developers?  When I'm left with no choice I will write my final post, but I will certainly miss all the friends I have made via blogger!

The air quality goes between tolerable and downright frightening.  The air looks a little better today, but I don't want to go out nor does Rocky.

I just talked to my son Steve.  They had been planning a family get-away to the Oregon coast for months now,  but timing was certainly an issue.  The first place they had booked turned out to be a version of the "Bates Motel".  They looked around at several other places and found something tolerable, but I think they are happy to be "home sweet home".  The air quality is bad everywhere which doesn't help.

 My wrist has been declared healed, which I take to mean that the break has knitted back together.  It still hurts all the time, but it's more tolerable than it was a month or more ago.  It will never straighten out to look like what it was, but I can deal with a crooked hand!  (Hmmm, that almost reminds me of a crooked card dealer!)

I have found some exercises online that I can do, although from the beginning I have been trying to massage and move my hand and fingers to try to help my range of motion.  Now I'm using that hand to help me carry items requiring two hands, and while it hurts, I have to keep up the activity.

After publishing this post I thought to ask readers if they are aware of any other blogger formats.  I have tried Word Press in the past and didn't like it.  Blogger always seemed so straightforward and easy to use.



  1. I am using the new Blogger and not really content with it. But it is worth every penny it costs me.

    1. I guess you're right about a program you are getting for free, but it still irritates me. For one thing, it doesn't do anything at all to enhance blogging in my estimation.

  2. I feel the same way you do. It used to be every few days you would be asked to try the new blogger format now if you close your page and re-open it you have to choose the old format and I am getting tired of it.

    I think a lot of former bloggers are now "vlogging" on U-Tube but that format is just not for me. As you know I am not tech-savvy and I sometimes amaze myself that I have even had a blog for nine years but if all these changes keep up I too may have to write my final post.

    I had wondered how you and your family were dealing with all the fires and smoke as I am not sure just how close you are to them. I swear 2020 has been a hell of a year...literally!

    1. I'm really tired of constant updates that don't do anything useful for me and my blog. The smoke has been a real problem, keeping me and Rocky indoors for the most part. I took him for a short walk this afternoon but was glad to get back in the house, and I think Rocky was glad as well. I'm not sure how close they are, but we have had hazy skies for the past 2 days. It has to be hard on a person's (or a pet's) lungs to breathe that smoky pollution in.

  3. When you go in design go to where it says send Feedback. You can voice your concerns over the changes and how you were comfortable writing on the Legacy version and much prefer it.
    I personally hate their new format. It's like looking for the needle in the haystack every time. There is little that remains familiar.
    Definitely hoping to continue hearing from you.
    Be safe with all that smoke and Enjoy cooler temperatures heading your way.

    It's about time.

    1. I have seen Blogger changes over the years I've been using it, and don't think my complaints or negative comments have ever made a bit of difference. They will do what they want, and if you don't like it then it's "So long, it's been good to know ya!"

  4. I guess I am using the new version of blogger. I noticed the font changes on it's own, it used to do that but I was able to fix it now it doesn't show up until you post. I guess it could be worse. But if other problems arise I may also quit. The could care less if you send feed back. An now FB has also changed and I hate the new set up more than I hate blogger. I have sent them feed back since they started the change on FB to no avail so why bother. I really haven't been doing much face book anyway to much political crap.

    The air quality here is horrible and yesterday went out for a bit with my daughter and had to come home because I just couldn't breath. I was enjoying the windows and door being open but not more. Had to close up the house and go back to using the a/c. the smoke is so bad that the sun can't even burn through it. I just read the smoke is from NM and CO. Yes this is the year from hell. I try to stay upbeat but this is getting harder every day

  5. I got off facebook years ago but I will miss blogger. Our air is "off and on" hazy, and sometimes I smell smoke (I've lost a lot of my sense of smell as I get older). I sure don't want to go back on a/c, but it looks like our temps are dropping enough I may be able to avoid the a/c. I can open a couple of windows so it hasn't been too bad.

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