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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Medical stuff

 I just got back from the Med Center where I was given a Holter monitor to wear for 3 days, and I had blood drawn for my oncologist, which I'm supposed to do periodically.    The monitor is a nuisance but I'll put up with it.  I've had episodes lately where I have the sensation that my heart stopped, but it then picks up after skipping a beat or two.  So I'm all wired up for a few days.  I had to go through this several years back, so I'll just put up with it again.

Rocky was so good about going into the crate this morning and was very happy when we returned!  

I don't go out very often so I'm not used to wearing a mask.  It certainly is a nuisance, but then getting sick with Covid would be an even greater nuisance.  I can't understand all the reaction against something so simple to keep people safe.  It is no big deal to wear a mask in public and I just don't understand why politicians, especially, refuse to lead by example.

I started cleaning yesterday and thought I would just pick up today where I left off.  Now that I'm all wired up I'm just going to take it easy!


  1. I remember when you had to wear the monitor a few years back. While it is a short-term inconvenience at least you will know if there is something wrong and be able to address the problem. Hopefully, everything comes out ok.

    I also do not understand why a simple act as wearing a mask has become so politicized.

  2. Both Jim and I have had our fun wearing the heart monitors but figure they are a necessity Just like a mask. No big deal I don't understand the anti-maskers either. Rocky is making such great progress into being a great pet.

  3. Reply to Ms. Belinda, and Jim & Sandie: Add me to those who don't think it's so difficult to wear a mask. If you look at it as though you might cause someone else to lose their life because you became careless, I just don't know why anyone in the world wouldn't wear the mask and quit whining about it.

    I'm coming to the conclusion we need a Lyndon Johnson in the Presidency. There were lots of things to like as well as dislike about him, but when the civil rights act was passed he set out to make sure it was followed and enforced. Lots of people disliked it and I'm sure we are getting some of the backlash from it even today, because people know they can get away with it now. I would like to see a strong president who will lead the country in following the law, as opposed to the current one who has no respect for the law or the people he's supposed to serve. I know much of the blame can be laid at Russia's doorstep, but there are enough bullies and bigots in our country who keep him in office. I just hope we can elect a person of courage, love, wisdom, and decency this time. One who loves the United States, its ideals and its people. I'll climb down from my soapbox now!

    1. You are so right. I wish all of you a much better future. Go out and vote, that’s the only way to get there.

    2. You can bet I'm going to vote. I really worry about cheating that is sure to go on, especially by foreign countries. I feel like my vote is pretty safe, but some states are more prone to interference than others.

  4. Hope all goes well with your wiring and other tests.

    This not wearing a mask by this idiots and we all know who they will vote for. You bet I'm going to vote and early too. I don't go out much because the mask makes it very hard for me to breath but Iam also so tired of not being able to go out. Today I met my grandson at Lowe's to pick up paint I was going to wait in the truck and just have him use my card but I was afraid they would give him hard time and think he stole it so I put on my mask and went in with him. I just waited at the paint counter and then checked out. Not to bad.

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