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Monday, September 14, 2020

Better weather ahead!

The weather seems to be a little better and I have gotten by without turning on the a/c, although I'll have to admit that at 6pm it's rather warm.  I don't want to open all the doors and windows because of the air quality.  I don't smell smoke, but others tell me there is a smoky odor in the air.

 I try to look at the new Blogger format with a positive attitude, but cannot find a single thing about it that is an improvement over the last version.  Am I missing something?  Perhaps those of you who access blogger on your phones might have a  better experience with it?  To  me it is a total waste, and totally aggravating as well.  It doesn't seem to have changed much, except the page looks a bit different as I am typing the blog.  Not different enough to convince me there was a good reason to change from the older version.  What a waste of time!



  1. Could you write your blog on the old version, then cut and paste into the new format? I'm not a blogger, so I could be way off. Good Luck.

    1. I wrote the blog on the version I was able to access, but when I published it I think I had an option to use the old format. It might not last long and they will force the new one on us.

      For a lot of reasons I'm ready to quit blogging. For one thing, being in isolation means I don't do anything except stay home or else ride along with Jeannie to pick up orders. Also, I have all those darn medical visits. So there isn't much to write about.

  2. I have heard that is the reason for the change so people can use it on their phones or what ever devise they use. So now we have to suffer. But I really haven't had to many problems just that the font changed after I posted. But for people who have a hard time reading due to eye issues it works better for them as it was quite large. Works for me my eyes are getting so bad.

  3. I do not like the new version either. Just like JO, I heard that the reason for the change was to accommodate cellphone and tablet users and us that use computers be damned!

    I too am considering either giving up blogging or scaling back as all I do is yard work or play with the cats, and that does not make for good blogging material.

    Then I get smartasses bringing up petty stuff driving my blood pressure up, and that does not make for a healthy co-existence.

  4. Remember that you started Blogging as a Ledger, Diary or Log of what you did with your day not for the entertainment of others. Another thought is that it gives you something to do which helps to keep your mind sharp. Things that you find petty help others who are not so lucky have hope.

    I'm still using the Old Blogger Format until they shut it down. Right now it just adds an extra step to revert to the Legacy Format each time I log back in.
    Be Safe from the air quality and Enjoy what life has to offer.

    It's about time. (And what you do with it.)

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