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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Will it ever end?

I often wonder if this is real, or if it's all just a bad dream.  Since I am alone with Rocky, I've quit being so paranoid about constantly disinfecting every surface.  I figure they are my germs and I am ok with that.  I do wash my hands a lot more often, but I don't think I've sprayed Lysol for a couple of days!

I had my son's dog over the weekend when he and his family got their house ready for viewers, as well as they went looking at a couple of houses themselves.  I hope they pick something closer than where they are now, but of course, it's not my choice.

Their dog, Sammy, and my Rocky usually kept an uneasy truce, but by the final day I think they were both tired of each other.  Sammy was delighted to jump into their car when they came to pick him up, and Rocky has gone back to his mostly sweet self.  The only real problem I have with Rocky is that he sometimes chews something he shouldn't, and it is always an item that I don't want messed up.

I'm still walking a mile on my treadmill nearly every day.  I miss a day about once every two weeks which isn't bad, in my book!  I also try to walk Rocky twice a day and we both benefit from that.  I don't walk him far - usually just about 6-8 blocks, but twice a day adds up plus he has the big backyard to play in.

The garden is coming along and I have quite a few small green tomatoes already.  I just shake my head when I look at the garden I carefully planted, and in which seeds from last year germinated and are growing vigorously.  The problem is that I'm not sure exactly what the plants are.  I can recognize swiss chard, and I have a couple of other varieties that look like salad greens.  I'm going to pick a  bunch of leaves this afternoon and make myself a nice salad for supper, and hope the greens taste okay.  

Not much to talk about these days - hope everyone is staying safe and sane!  This is really a test of sanity for me.


  1. Well, I still don't know if I have salad greens or not. I picked a bunch of leaves and fixed myself a salad - I will have to say they were tasteless and tough. I didn't pick any of what I recognize as chard, but what I did eat wasn't worth it. As much as I hate to do it I will probably pull the rest of the plants and throw them away - making more room for my tomato plant roots. I really wonder if they were something other than salad greens.

  2. Well that's to bad that they didn't taste very good. But since I know nothing about growing greens can't help you out.

    Today I had to go to Walmart Super Center and let me tell you I will be quite content to stay home for another 3 mths. I had to get a new phone so no choice there.

    1. Since I don't drive and my kids won't let me go anywhere, I haven't been in a real store or mall. I want to walk Rocky (about 1.3 mi. each way) to PetsMart to get his nails clipped. Someone wlll come out and get the dog, so I wouldn't even have to go inside. Jeannie & Steve won't hear of it, and since I've waited this long I might as well just go a little longer. It looks like Sacramento will be opening up a bit in the next week, but I will probably wait until there is an "all clear"; the problem is that our freedom will be short lived, and the pandemic will come back for another round.

  3. I know what you mean about being really tired of this. The only thing I do is go to the grocery store with a mask and I have to do that because I have no one to go for me. I also take a long walk everyday outside. I think you are right that this opening up will just cause another surge in the virus. I wonder how long this is going to go on? Probably until they get a vaccine and that doesn't seem anywhere near. I wonder if Trump is really taking that drug he claims to be taking?

  4. I don't believe anything that man says! Doctors don't recommend it for the coronavirus as it has some negative side effects and they don't think it does much good against the virus. I'm going to try to be conservative about getting back out even when they say it's okay.