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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Last Day of Heat Wave

At least I hope it's the last.  Since we have the entire summer to go through, I think we are likely to have more triple digit days, but I hope not many and not often.  I only take Rocky out first thing in the morning and it doesn't cool off until after dark.  Also, he won't even go out into the back yard while it's so hot.  We have some rain predicted in the next few days, including thunderstorms.   I hope the rain doesn't pelt down and harm my garden plants which are growing nicely with the high temperatures.  A nice soft rain would really be good for them!

It sounds as if some areas want to lift the lockdown, which I hope isn't premature.  I dislike staying isolated as much as anyone, but I will do it willingly until officials (that I trust) tell me it is safe to relax and get back to a more normal life.  "That I trust" is key here - I don't trust many officials since they are pressured by the stagnant economy to entice people to get out and spend some money.  Over 100,000 people have died from the virus (probably a lot more), and to tell you the truth, I think lives are more important than a thriving economy right now.  But what do I know.

The TV continues to perplex me.  I can usually find my way to the science or history channels, which is what I prefer to watch.  Since the TV is across the room (actually not very far) I can't read what is on the screen so I have to walk over to see it.  And the remote is small with faint (to me) lettering, so I have to get it into the light to be able to read it.  I ask myself if it is really worth it and the answer is definitely "NO", but it makes my children happy that I have a TV.  They tell me to watch comedies and happy movies - I have never watched those kinds of shows (not since Johnny Carson left the air), but prefer documentaries and information.  Actually, I'd rather read a book but that is becoming difficult as well.   Whoever said "getting old isn't for sissies" sure got that right!

I'm still walking a mile a day on my treadmill, and am pretty proud of myself for hanging in there.  I should up the mileage, but I'm afraid I would then find excuses to skip a day here and there, so I'd be better off sticking to what I will do faithfully each day.
I almost forgot to mention that today is my "baby boy's" second birthday!  Happy birthday Rocky!



  1. Happy Birthday Rocky!

    If you feel good about 1mile on your treadmill then do just that. We should know our limits. I stopped pushing myself so hard on the bike and I think it might be a little easier for me to do my 4 - 5 miles than push like I was which made me dread getting on at all.

    1. Exactly! I may eventually walk an extra quarter or half mile, but for now I'm just happy with myself for being consistent with one mile.

      Thanks for Rocky's birthday wishes. I guess now I can say he is in his "terrible twos".

  2. Happy Birthday Rocky! You definitely lucked out to have Gypsy. Have your kids get you a giant remote. They have big easy to see buttons and can be set up to work with any TV. Have you ever tried books on tape? I listen to them any time I have to walk in an urban area rather than in a natural one.

    1. Thank you from Rocky and me!

      I don't want another remote since I rarely watch the tv anyway, and don't see that changing. I have tried books on tape and they just make my mind wander. I have always loved to read and will have to be more proactive to find large print books. I will never become a big TV watcher, so I'll just deal with it as I can for now.

  3. I am so proud that you are doing your daily mile and in the safety of your own home.

    My how time flies! I did not know he was the same age as my cats. Happy Birthday Rocky from me and my boys :)

  4. And hello to your cats! You should post a picture of them!

    That daily mile always challenges me, but so far I just get on that treadmill and walk!