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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Male Posturing!

No, this isn't about the person "some people call the president".  I'm talking about the posturing of dominant male canines.

My dog Rocky, a 2 yr old male, is an alpha.  There were two black lab males in the litter and I asked for the least dominant, but I got what I got.  He is mouthy and pushy and I deal
with it pretty well most of the time,  This weekend we are hosting Sammy, my son's dominant male mixed breed, part pitbull and looks like a pitbull.  He is very well mannered, nice and easy temperament, and he's trying to get along while he misses his family, especially my grandson Liam. 

Steve is trying to sell his house and look for another in a neighborhood up in the foothills - a fairly new neighborhood and an excellent high school which is the most important since my grandson will be entering junior high in just a couple of years.  So in the midst of a pandemic, they had their house professionally cleaned and sanitized, and there are strict rules for anyone coming to look at it.  They must wear a mask, gloves, put booties over their shoes at the door, and whatever else the real estate agent tells them to do.  Steve & Meg are lined up to look at houses in their desired neighborhood, so it is a busy and complicated weekend for them.  They and their kids are staying in a loft apartment that one of their friends offered.  Sammy, the dog, doesn't fit anywhere in any of this process, so we've had canine company for the weekend.

I would never have believed Rocky would  be so dominant.  Yesterday I was just beyond the constant worrying that a play fight would turn into a real fight, so I have a bottle of hemp oil for dogs on hand, and I dosed them both with it.  Meek as lambs, they were, at least until it wore off several hours later. 

Steve & family will come by later to pick up their beloved canine buddy, and things will get back to normal for Rocky and me by this evening.

Here are photos I took shortly after the wonderful elixir took effect.

By the way, this all started two days ago on Friday, the day I was at my lowest ebb with this lockdown and self isolation.  I probably should have taken the elixir myself and let the dogs just have at it!


  1. I didn't know there was any such thing for dogs. Sounds like a great way to calm then down. But I did have to chuckel when you said you should have used it on yourself. LOL

    1. I do have a little bottle of CBD oil that my brother gave me, and which I never use. CBD is for canabidiol (not sure of the spelling) but is made from canabis with the addictive part removed, or maybe it's the hallucinatory part that is removed. I don't know much about drugs, lol. I always worked for the federal govt and in the 60's I was darned sure not going to lose my good job for a stupid drug!

  2. Like JO, I had never heard of such an oil...do they make some for cats? Mine are driving me batty in particular Elvis.

    I was just listening to an economist saying this is the perfect time to buy or refinance a house due to the low interest rates. Hope your son and his wife find the property of their dreams.

    Rocky has certainly grown!

    1. You could probably give a cat a drop of CBD oil for people or for dogs. I doubt there is much difference, although Rocky's is actually hemp oil. They all give a calming effect, but not like the effects of hallucinatory drugs, or at least not in very low doses. As I said, I don't know much about drugs, never having used them myself. A drop or two isn't going to have much effect on a large animal or person, although a drop is probably enough for a cat. It's fairly expensive though.

      My son and d-i-l looked at 2 properties yesterday - the one up in the foothills looks amazing from the outside, but disappointing on the inside. There wasn't much in the way of furniture, so you had to guess what room you might be looking at (at least from the online photos). I think the house was vacant and the real estate company put a bit of furniture here and there in what they call "staging the house". I didn't like the interior at all but the 1/3 acre it was on was truly spectacular. The house (ranch style) they looked at was closer to family but needs remodeling. It's also close to Jesuit High School which is very highly rated (my oldest son went there).

      They had some really positive action with their house over the weekend, including a firm offer as well as a couple of serious potentials. I hope they do some more looking before settling on a particular house.