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Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm surprised

Surprised at the results of my blood tests and the carotid artery scan. Not much good to report. I am terribly anemic again, and damn, I was beginning to feel so much better. Now I just want to nap much of the day. I guess it's a good thing I have an appointment to see a cardiologist this coming Monday; I had been just about ready to blow it off as a waste of my time. Now I have to tell yet another doctor in no uncertain terms that I am NOT having a colonoscopy, and that I will NOT get a flu shot.

It turns out to be a good thing I did my research and asked my doctor to include a CRP test along with the blood work - the results are used for cardiovascular risk evaluation and mine is extremely high. I can't understand why no doctor has ever recommended this test for me when I am known to have heart problems, but they sure keep hammering away about a colonoscopy. I think you'd have to follow the money on this one, and obviously that is a highly profitable test for the hospitals, doctors, and technicians. I am at very low risk for colon cancer and if I found out I had it I would NOT have chemo or radiation, so I don't want to know anyway. I don't need to get slammed by any readers of my blog about this. I know the value of this test, especially since my husband died of colon cancer several years ago. He was at high risk and I'm not! The test can be a life saver for a lot of folks.

On a brighter note, as everyone should have something to brighten and lighten their day, I finally ordered my DirectTV installation. I have been looking at the info provided to me, including a chart of all the channels I'll be able to get. Of course some of them will not be available because I don't have HD, but those are all channels I wouldn't watch in the first place. I've highlighted all the ones I'm looking forward to, including the music: Bluegrass, Honky Tonk Tavern, Classic R&B, New Age, and Irish. I won't need to buy a radio!

I can get a bit daunted when I think of all the prep work and painting there will be for me to do, but I'm just going to take it easy and deal with it when I can. I've thought several times about hiring someone to paint, but I'm extremely picky about the painting and will be much better off doing it myself. I make mistakes and am sure to find flaws in my work, but then I can only get mad at myself about it, rather than resent someone else, especially someone I've paid to do it. I'd like to get the bedrooms done before I move my furniture in because the bed, dressers, etc. would be much harder for me to move around than the sofa chair and coffee table in the living room. The kitchen is probably the most in need of paint, but I can do it last and at my own time and speed. What music do readers think I should listen to while painting? I'm leaning toward Honky Tonk Tavern, at least for now.


  1. If I wouldn't have had a colon scope, Marti, I would be dead right now! Just something to think about............ Rod

  2. I never get a flu shot, either. Upbeat music is good to work by. Do you have any older grandkids or nephews to help move the furniture? My nieces and nephews are good helpers.

  3. I'm kind of leaning toward the New Age myself. There could be some good painting music in that bunch. Sorry about the anemia thing. Since this is the one thing I have to fight I know all about being tired. But take your time with the painting and enjoy it. How about a desert landscape mural on one wall? LOL I know how much you like the desert.

  4. Wow do we ever think alike on almost every account.

    Music for painting would depend on what mood you want to be in. I get very depressed with Country so when I'm high and bouncing off the walls that's what I put on. The opposite if really down and depressed I put on 60's or wilder music. Just what you'd LIKE to hear that particular time.

    Thanks for saying something about the CPR test. I'm going to request too.

  5. I'm big on tests to catch anything I might have early. Saved my life twice. But everyone has to make those decisions for themselves... I've always gotten the flu shot, but I'm kind of on the fence about that one. I'll probably get one.

    Have fun painting - it can be a good time once you get into it. I agree, good music is a good idea, but I don't have any ideas for you.

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  7. If it were me painting, I'd be listening to Peter, Paul, and Mary.

    How about a liver sausage sandwich for your anemia? :)

  8. Gypsy, My GrandMother died from colon cancer and my younger brother died from it too. My wife made me get a c-scope after my brother died and it wasn't that bad. Get a second opinion, maybe from one of your Grandkids on how they feel about it, My brother told me two weeks before he died that his doctor told him right up front that had he had one ( c-scope) two years before they found him eaten up with cancer they could have saved him.Please don't take this as preaching, I like you and would only want the best for you. Sam & Donna..

  9. Hi Gyspy,
    I had a colonoscopy many years ago, it wasn't that bad. Now they want me to have another one. I think it is the prep that everyone fears.

    This is the comment that Rick said about the prep in reference to http://rsanityrvtravels.blogspot.com/2011/08/flunking-colonoscopy-101.html

    Rick and Elaine NB said...
    "I can't believe you had to reschedule because you lost the 2nd round of prep..wow...in 2006 I had a routine colonoscopy which showed colon cancer. Then it was repeat colonoscopies 2x within the next 2 weeks..and biopsies...we couldn't get clear margins so we were off to the OR. Luckily all was cleaned up via the surgery..I required no treatments etc. I was very lucky I had no symptoms whatsoever!
    So be sure to have the test, the prep is the worst part..but I always lost the 2nd stage of the prep it would not stay down...was like drinking salty sulpher..upon arrival at the hospital I told the nurse I couldn't keep down the 2nd round of prep she told me "don't worry about it noone can keep it down" they WHY make us DRINK it...gawd...anyway

    Now I'm a pro...and I don't do the normal prep ... 2 ducolax does it for me..I ease up on the solid foods a couple of days prior to the testing...and switch to clear liquids the day before..and I'm always test ready when the time comes...my specialist agrees with me!!! the 2nd prep is over kill..its a just in case situation I think...rule of thumb if your passing clear liquids your cleaned out!! Good luck!!!!"

    I hope that helps.
    Happy Tails to Lady and Happy Trails to you,, Penny, TX

  10. NEVER EVER will i have another stress test!! So i know what u mean about tests. Had 2, and i was fine both times,,,enough.

    Gimme that ol time ROCK N ROLL. Makes working lots easier. lolol

  11. My exact sentiments on a colonoscopy. I get flack all the time for my feelings, too. And, I'll add--if they can send someone to the moon, why can't the make the darn prep tolerable?

  12. I apologize...meant to tell you that I hope you feel better in short order.

  13. Enough said, but it can save your life.

    Flu shot? I get them every year and not have had the regular flu. I did get the Swine flu last year and it was horrible.

    Why not move your bedroom furinture into the living room when you move in and put it into the bedroom after the painting is finished. Or paint the bedroom before you move in at all.

  14. We have cable. It may work differently than a dish. One of the two TVs on a cable box is not HD. Because the box gets the HD stations, we can watch them on the TV. They just aren't in HD. Sorry. That's a little hard to explain, so hope it makes at least a bit of sense, but if you have a burning desire, you should be able to watch those stations (most of our HD stations are a duplicate of a regular station).

    Hope you feel much better soon!

  15. Bravo, if you are low risk you don't need one, just like mammograms, if you are low risk all your doing is lining someone pocket and exposing yourself to harm. Your life, your body! I'm not taking their flu or pneumonia shots either! If they offer and you decline all they have to do is notate it in your chart and their legal liability should be covered.

    I do hope they figure out why you can't keep your iron levels within normal ranges.

    Music to paint to? Mine would be 60's Head-banger, Cajun, Mozart, or Bob Wills. How's that for an eclectic blend?

  16. I agree with you. You know more about your self than the anyone.

  17. I will be pretty surprised if your cardiologist has anything to say about the colonoscopy unless you bring it up. At least from my extensive experience with cardiac folks their focus is a foot or 18 inches higher.

    I am not sure how one decides they are low risk for anything. My wife was low risk for breast cancer. 6 aunts and her mother who lived into their 80's with no cancer issues at all. Two older sisters who have had no cancer issues. She didn't smoke or drink or do any high risk behaviours. With all that going for her she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 41, dead at 42. If it had been diagnosed a couple of years sooner she would still be alive, but what the heck she was low risk so why do the test.

  18. Just in case anyone makes the jump Susan was my first wife, Brenda is just fine and follows her doctors orders when it comes to preventative maintenance.

  19. 'New Age' music does it for me all the time. I'm a 'no flu shots' guy too.

  20. My wife and I always get a flu shot every year and a colonoscopy every 5 years or so depending on the diagnosis and have had no ill effects from either. If they find polyps they can easily remove as a part of the colonoscopy. Polyps are precancerous and by removing them you eliminate any cancer concerns. I believe in preventive medicine!

  21. I have Dish, and get several music channels, but I rally miss not having a radio! I do have a "boom box" that will run on four d cells, I used for boondocking. I just like the chatter about the artist, and news.
    Good luck with your painting. I would get someone to do it for me, I take way too long to do anything!
    PS, put Willie on.

  22. If you were beginning to feel so much better, could the tests in fact be wrong? One should really trust their own instincts and intuition over a results that could have come from "human error/incompetence" which is rampant these days as well all know. Just something to think about.


  23. Boy Gypsy you sure do have a lot of followers who comment and are concerned about you!

    I say, trust yourself especially if you are willing to take the consequences if you are wrong.
    I've told you before that having worked in a medical center for 25 years I know that too many people put doctors on pedestals and that it is all about money these days.

    I'd go for MOTOWN for painting. There is such a sense of accomplishment for a fairly short investment of time. Unless of course you are having to scrape first. Yuck.

  24. Thanks for the mention. I enjoyed our visit. I get the flu shot each year. The last colonoscopy I had, I had at the same time, an endoscopy. Fortunately they put me under. A piece of cake! Now the prep, another story! It's the momograms that I don't like. I know --TMI---.