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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I miss Mac

I took my laptop into the Apple store this morning and left it for them to install new USB ports. One of the ports didn't work at all, and the computer is under extended warranty with one year to go. I found my old Dell computer with Windows XP in the garage, and Donald set it up for me. I couldn't get the internet with their Wifi so I eventually installed the MiFi to work with this computer. Right now I'm so glad to have the MiFi even though I haven't used it but a couple of times since May, and have felt like I'm wasting money on it.

I'm starting from scratch with this computer since Donald had wiped it clean in preparation for donating it to Goodwill. Now I'm glad he didn't get around to it, but I will be overjoyed to have my Mac back. I would never go back to Windows on a regular basis again. The only thing I prefer with this one is not having the touchpad in the way.

I stopped at the Mobil Home Park today and got a reference for the carpet cleaning service they use. I may have to put new flooring in the small bedroom (due to a lingering smoke odor), but if I can delay having to re-floor the rest of the place I'd like to wait. I drove past the house after visiting with the office staff, and I just can't wait to make it into my home. I feel like the sky is the limit with what I can do, something I never felt with my RV. I really wanted to do some painting and re-arranging but always hesitated, thinking about resale. I don't ever want to worry about that again, although I don't intend to sink a lot of money into it - just some redecorating.

I will probably not be online much until later in the week except for checking email once in a while, so I wish everyone a good week ahead. I have an appointment with my doctor on Thursday, when I will get the pre-op stuff out of the way. I hope it all goes smoothly.


  1. Well, the old XP is certainly better than nothing. But I know how much you love your Mac. Hopefully, it won't take them too long to have it back in your hands again. And I'm sure hoping this surgery goes really well for you. I'm having fun decorating our "fishing" cabin on wheels. I can hardly wait for you to get moved in and see what you do with your place.

  2. Good luck at the Doctor's Office!

  3. I've often wished I knew someone with a Mac so that I could have a look at it and see it working. It's one of those things I have heard so much about over the years yet don't know the first thing about it.

  4. Al,
    find yourself a Mac store and have a ball trying everything out! The stores always look busy, but there are lots of staff people who are happy, actually happy, to show you all the bells and whistles.
    No pressure to buy, as they assume you will come around eventually :)

  5. It is so difficult to wait until the beginning of Oct to get moved in, but it will come sooner than you think. "God give me patience, right now!"

    Like Al, I have never used a Mac, and would like to compare to learn what the fuss is about.
    But being computer illiterate, I would be all discombooberated if I changed from XP Pro, let alone a Mac! You must be very clever.

    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX

  6. It must be difficult to drive past the new place and not be able to dive in making it yours.

    I'm happy with my computer, but then I've never tried a Mac either.

  7. I still run xp-pro. The newer operating systems will not run some of my older engineering programs that I like.
    Hope all goes well with you and will be anxiously awaiting your next update and by then you may be back on your new 'puter. Good luck at the doc's.

  8. Not at all familiar with Mac, but I do know that a lot of people love them. We certainly understand how bereft you must feel without your own special computer. Mine's been in the shop for over a week, expect to get it back in a day or two or three. Best wishes on your coming surgery!

  9. Every day I walk up our back drive and visit the Alfa. It will not be home for a long time, and most of the stuff I want to take along is being used in the house. I too am very leery of making any cosmetic changes because I want to retain resale value.

    Sounds like you have found a fun little doll house there that you can enjoy fixing up just for yourself and not some future buyer!

  10. Gypsy, I'm just getting caught up - I missed a few days and a LOT of what's going on with you. I can't believe the way things have worked out for you. Bravo for being patient and waiting for the right thing to come along. I am so happy for you!!! The mobile home looks really nice, and you'll have fun making it your own. Can't wait for further developments as you get into it and start painting and decorating. :)