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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Living out of boxes!

Although we have some of our furniture set up here in our temporary home, I still have a lot of items in boxes that I should unpack and put away in an orderly fashion.  Yesterday I thought I was out of clean socks and asked Jeannie to pick up some new ones for me when she went to Costco.  She came back saying that Costco was "all out of ladies socks".  It's a good thing because I later checked an unopened box and found more socks than I would ever need!

This move is showing me a bit of what old age is like!  In the past I have been a master at packing up, either to travel or to move, and I was really good at it!  Not so, any more.  Somewhere along the line I lost the knack of being efficient and capable.  And while I feel bad that I'm no longer good at something I was very good at, to tell the truth I really don't care! 

When I went to bed last night I promised myself that today I would get dressed first thing in the morning, and manage to take a walk and explore the neighborhood before lunch.  It doesn't look like I will make it though - at mid-morning I'm still drinking my coffee and sitting here in pajamas!  I can honestly say that life at a slower pace can be sweeter than always rushing to get things done!

I've also come to the conclusion that I like it here in this location, and sort of dread moving out to a new neighborhood quite a ways from Sacramento.  I always loved vacationing in the countryside, but prefer to live in the city!

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  1. In your statement about packing and unpacking neatly as in years past made me laugh when you said And I really don't care. that is exactly how I feel about such things anymore. HAHA