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Monday, December 13, 2021

Stormy Weather!

The weather is chilly, stormy, and windy!  Not my favorite weather but it's part of winter in this area of California. I really don't mind it because I don't have to go out in it!  Many of our trees still have their leaves, but the wind is going to shake a lot of them loose! 

Rocky has been napping on my bed most of the morning, rising up to look out the window now and then.

Jeannie and her family set up the Christmas tree last night.  They had gone out to a tree farm in the summer and selected the tree they wanted, then went back last week to get the freshly cut tree.  It is now decorated and looks beautiful, as all Christmas trees look - even a "Charlie Brown Christmas tree" looks good to me!

I'm worried about when Tito comes over and he and Rocky get to wrestling, that they are going to topple the tree or at least knock some ornaments off.  When Jeannie and her family were decorating the tree last night I was very concerned about the dogs, but evidently I was the only one who worried, so I went to bed early!  Everything looked fine this morning, but I still worry.  If there is an accident Rocky will get the blame, for sure.

I'll be glad when we finally move into our house and I can relax.  Donald and Jeannie go out to see it every week, and I used to go with them.  Now, I don't really care to see it untll it's nearly finished!  I think they told me that my kitchen cabinets are up, as well as a few other things done.  I really haven't been feeling well lately, so I'm just trying to live in the "now" and not worry or think about the future.

I've let my hair grow for the past year, and it wasn't exactly short when the year began.  Now my hair is way too long to do anything with, but it's still thick, (especially considering my age!) so I just pull it back into a ponytail to keep it out of my face.  I'd like to get it cut short, but of course, I have to ask someone to make the appointment and take me to my hairdresser.  She is continuing her business out of her house, so I feel comfortable that she is keeping everything sanitized and as safe as possible.  I'm too old for this long hair!  I have a lot of gray, but there is still a lot of reddish brown.  I have the feeling that when I get it cut short, the gray is going to be all that shows!

I'll close with something that makes me happy, and that is my collection of house plants.  I don't have many, but what I do have is an extraordinary snake plant (sansaveria), a beautiful spider plant which I've divided many times and have lots of smaller pots of them, an aloe vera, and a pothos, which is beautiful in its simplicity.  When I move I'm going to divide the snake plant so that I have several of them.  The spider plant is from a plant I originally got from my grandmother, who lived about 10 miles from Mayfield, KY (in the news lately).  I spent wonderful summers visiting my grandparents, and spending time with aunts, uncles, and cousins as well.  Going to Mayfield was a treat!


  1. Your weather is heading this way starting tonight. But I don't mind I have plenty of indoor chores to keep me busy. Plus I love winter!

    1. This morning (Tuesday), the sun in shining and all looks right with the world. I don't think the storms are all over with, but will probably hit us with another punch some time today.