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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The move went smoothly!

My health is another matter.  I haven't been feeling well, but managed to get myself and my belongings moved a few days ago.  We are all adjusting well.  I like the house and the neighborhood seems fine - although I still haven't felt like going anywhere.  Maybe in another day or so.

We are at the home owned by Jeannie's friend from high school, and are using a combination of furniture and household items from what she left as well as a lot that I brought with me.   So far I haven't felt like doing much or going out, but I need to change that soon!  Rocky seems to have adjusted very well, but I'm not surprised since he's here with Jeannie and one of her daughters - the two daughters take turns staying with their mom and with their dad.  I hate it that they can't stay here together, but he has been at him mom's and helping her   get her house in order.  He is in and out several times a day and has done several jobs that needed doing and fixes that needed fixing!  There is a big and beautiful bay window in the living room - perfect for the larger of my potted plants!  Two of my favorites, a snake plant (sansaveria), and a spider plant, look great in that window!

Speaking of the snake plant, I need to divide it as it is growing a lot of little plants (I think they call them "pups"?).  I've watched several you-tube videos on propagating this plant, but if anyone has experience doing it please give me all the advice you can offer!  I think I can divide the spider plant with little or no trouble, although I may regret even saying it out loud or in writing! 

So I'm back and hope to post more often - maybe even take some photos and include them in a post!



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  1. Sure hope you feel better really quickly. I know nothing about plants except they die if I look at them. Glad to hear that move is over and you can relax through the holidays. Looking forward to puctures.