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Sunday, October 31, 2021


 To tell the truth, this has never been my favorite time of year.   Even as a kid I thought it was sort of dumb, and since I was never much of a candy-eater, I didn't really care for most of the items I was given.  But I wonder what will happen to the holiday after this current year.  It has been dark for a while and I have had no trick-or-treaters.  I set a bowl of individually wrapped candy bars out on a little table in front of my door, turned on the porch light, and left a note to "Please Take One".   I didn't buy much candy to give out and if it is all taken, then the lights go out and I go to bed!

This morning Jeannie, Donald, Arianna, and I took our two dogs out to the new house to let them get a feel for it.  It was my idea, and a pretty dumb idea, at that.  Rocky isn't used to riding in a car as I quit driving about the same time I got him.  He was a total pain - too excited to stay still in the back seat.  But we went to the site and took the dogs into the house to show them around.

While we were there we met a man who lives in the area, and who seems like a great guy - he was the local high school sports coach for a number of years, and was interesting to talk to.  Jeannie is so outgoing she will meet everyone in the area by the time we move in!  The house is coming along very well - the doors and windows are all in, but the plumbing hasn't been installed yet.  Now that my bedroom is all closed in, it seems smaller than what I have now although they are exactly the same size.  The new room has a double sliding door to my patio, plus a door to the private bath and a closet.  And dramatically high ceilings!  My current room only has a double closet door and an entry door, and I think there is way more wall space.  I'm going to love it though and will find a way to arrange my belongings so as to get the most out of the space I have.  The patio is going to be wonderful!  It looks like they will be installing several electric outlets in the patio area so I can see myself making my coffee out there in the morning and relaxing in the fresh air while having a cuppa!

As far as I can remember, the only smaller space I've lived in would have been my 35' 5th wheel RV!  But the new space will have everything I need, and more.  I'll have family nearby, a very large yard for the dogs, gardening, etc.  I'm lucky indeed!

I've had the candy sitting out on a little table on my front porch and no one has come by.  I know some kids are out later, but at 8pm I'm ready to bring the stuff back indoors and turn off the porch light.  I'm at the end of a driveway off which are four separate units.  I'm the only house with any lights on - I think Halloween is a bust this year!


  1. Kids don't come into our park so its been a long time since we've had trick or treaters. But I think with all the trunk or treats that ate put on especially by churches, that people think that is much safer for the kids. I hated having to wear a costume as a kid but I sure did like the candy.

  2. Sounds like the house is really coming together and your space sound lovely.
    I think lots of folks are holding parties are their places like Sandie said. Where my grandkids live they all got together and set up a party right there. Its like a big square with gate so they are nice and safe plus all the parents and grandparents where there too wonder who had more fun LOL