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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Plans for the move!

It looks like we will be moving at the end of November to temporary quarters in a house owned by a friend of Jeannie's.  We'll stay there until we can move into our new place.  We will be within walking distance of a nice shopping area, including a Whole Foods store!  I'm just looking forward to the day we have our very own space, and Rocky and I can finally settle in.  My landlady's sister will be moving in when we leave.

I now have a chair on wheels that has handlbars that I can push, and a seat to sit in if I want to sit.  I bought it a year or so for my sister, Amy, and since she died my niece has kept it at her house; she brought it over to me this afternoon.  I'm so used to just getting up and walking around my house, so I need to get used to taking it a bit easier.  I could probably benefit from sitting in the chair and moving myself around that way, but I've never tried to take the easy way, and as long as long as I can do it I will just use my own two feet!  It is pretty comfortable, though, so I may try to use it now and then and see if it helps keep me from falling.  

We're not sure when the house will be ready to move in; the workmen have kept working on it but there may be a point where supplies aren't available.  They might be sitting on a ship out in San Francisco Bay!  What a ridiculous situation, but what can we do about it.  I just want to be settled into a permanent space and relax. 

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  1. Glad you have that walking chair. My neighbor always walked every single day, she got very sick and was lucky to make it. But it left her very week and unsteady on her feet. Once regained enough strength back she got one and is back to walking every day again. Now I wouldn't recommend you use it to take Rocky for walks that could be very dangerous.
    Soon you will be in your own space and can relax again. Moving is such a hassle.