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Saturday, October 23, 2021

What happened???

I woke up a few minutes ago and thought it might be morning, but figured out I had come home from my second to last cancer infusion and crawled back in bed.  The clue was that I was still fully dressed.  What a nice sleep!  Now it's only 9pm and I will try to stay awake for a couple more hours.  Whatever is in that cocktail they give me makes me very sleepy!  (I think it is benadryl!)  I have one more infusion to go and then I hope to have 2 or 3 more cancer-free years.  It's aggravating to think of having to do this all over again, but the lack of negative side effects makes it worthwhile.  I think I will fix myself a scotch & water and chill out for a bit.

 It is actually raining now - not a good downpour,  but enough to feel a bit of misty rain.  After months of no precipitation, it sure is welcome.  I think rainfall is predicted to be fairly heavy tomorrow, and I hope it is, but Rocky doesn't like to get his feet wet so it's difficult to get him outside!  I suppose I should stay indoors myself, rather than take a chance on falling where the pavement is slippery.  The doctor seemed to have thought I could get a walker right away, but even though I have excellent medical insurance, things have to go through channels and be approved.  Everything is moving more slowly these days.

I need to get started on deciding what I'm going to keep, and to begin packing it up for the move.  I really dread having to move everything. I think Jeannie wants to move into a friend's vacant house until ours is ready, but I don't want to do that so I need to make a plan for myself and Rocky.  I think I would prefer just staying on my own in a familiar neighborhood, than to move into an unknown place for a short time.  

I also have given lots of thought into just finding a senior living apartment in a familiar area.  Most that I've checked into allow pets, but I have never seen a weight limit and don't know if my 90# boy would be accepted.  It would sure be nice to get back to an area where I could walk to stores, etc. It would also be very nice to have people to talk to once in a while!   Something has to change in my life, but I don't know what that could be.  After 80 wonderful years of living my own life, things have really gone south!  I am too stubborn and too used to calling my own shots, so I have to figure out what I want to do now and just do it!

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  1. Consider what shots you can still safely call and then consider what shots you should not call. That way you will have clear objectives in your planning.