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Friday, October 22, 2021

Doc Martins!

I've had many years of watching styles change, especially for the younger generations.    My granddaughter is getting outfitted for the Homecoming dance at her high school.  Jeannie took her on a shopping trip that ranged from Sacramento to San Francisco, and they finally found a gorgeous kelly green dress, short, and very dressy.  She put the dress on to model it for me, and I asked her mom about what shoes she would wear with it.  Jeannie responded very nonchalantly, "Oh, her Doc Martins", as if to say, "What else?".  I've lived long enough to see styles change drastically, but am still laughing about wearing Doc Martins with a dressy satin dress, to a Homecoming dance!  For those of you who aren't familiar with the "Doc", here is a link to his line of shoes.  


Oh, to be young again!

Note:  I tried to click on the link but it didn't work correctly, and I had to copy and paste the link to the search bar.  Sorry for that.


  1. Doc Martins, combat boots or sky high stilettos. I think anything goes now. But I agree it is still really strange looking.

  2. My grandson recently got married and my daughter had such a pretty dress and she showed me the shows she bought, well if I didn't almost faint when I saw her all dressed up and wearing Doc Martins. She said the shoes were killing her and she didn't want the day to be ruined for her LOL So I guess it's the thing these days and she danced almost all night. I had a pair years ago when we used to ride the Harley