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Saturday, June 12, 2021

To Keep or Not to Keep!

Just a quick post about my latest ailments and Rocky's part in my life.

If I don't have Rocky, then I am totally alone for 24/7.  I can no longer drive, and people aren't lining up in front of my house to take me places I need to go, or to just sit and have a chat over a cup of coffee.  Rocky brings me joy, if not always happiness, so without him I wouldn't even have much joy in my life.  I just can't imagine what I've become.  If you had known me all my life you would understand that I've been able to live a full and wonderful life, but should I now just say it's time to give up?  Rocky gives me something to live for, and that's enough for me.

So I don't know the answer.  I don't think the cancer has ever gone completely away, which is why I am scheduled to begin treatments again in September.  For that reason I don't have much motivation and energy, so taking care Rocky gives me something to live for.  I am just hoping and praying that I live another 10 years or until Rocky is ready to cross that bridge with me.

It's an f'ing way to end up!


  1. You should keep Rocky. It sounds like walking him is the problem.
    You can get a vest for yourself to hook the dogs leash on. Also a heavy leather glove to hold on the leash with. Just figure ways to protect your self. Also good grippy shoes.
    Just some suggestions.

  2. Hang in there, maybe the move will be for the best & you will have more people around you.
    When we lived in Toronto we each had our own houses....the cottage where I now live we purchased together...so eventually we each had our own living quarters side by side....We eventually moved in full time & after sever years she followed. I was all she had, so living so close as she aged was ideal...if she needed help I was right next door. I think you will find a new lease on life once your living arrangement is all settled
    On another note, a group in our area has started Elder Dog Peterborough.....it is where people help out seniors by walking dogs for them, helping them take their pet to the vet etc..
    Would be nice if this service takes off and more groups form I. Other regions.
    I miss my little girl so much....we just had two West Higland terriers at the shelter where I volunteer, but they were just two yrs old & quite lively & lots of folks wanted them...I went in to see them, but I'm 75 so think if we get an older small dog in, I might consider it ..who knows...
    Anyway, take care, & no more accidents !!!!

  3. I'm tired 😊. My Mom is who "She" is LOL... lived to 97. Passed two years ago June 15.....
    Now my daughter lives next door in my mom's place...all good

  4. Rocky definitely goes in the keep pile. Hopefully when you get moved, things will sort themselves out and you might be able to get someone to give him a good workout once a week. I think the leather glove sounds like a good idea.

  5. I didn't see a comment that said get rid of Rocky but I may have missed it. Just let him have his big yard to play and run in. Throw him a ball he seems to like that and soon it will be to hot to go walking anyway. I bet when you get moved and the kids are near they can walk Rocky.