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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Oooh! My hand looks awful!

The bandage on my hand looked pretty bad - it just looked dirty - so I removed it.  The wound looks pretty bad itself, but I am not going to try to put new bandages on.  The doctor gave me enough to wrap it a couple of times, but I think I'll just leave it uncovered.  If I went out of the house I might want to put some kind of bandage on it, but as it is I will hope the air will help it heal.  Sometimes it hurts so bad, and then it will stop hurting as quickly as it started.  It's weird looking - the doctor put small little strips to hold the skin together, and they are on there to stay!

I haven't been out to get the mail since last Thursday, and I wonder if there is anything good or just advertisements and junk mail.

I really feel bad for Rocky - I'm sure he wonders why we aren't going out for walks.  I might try one day this week to go for a short walk with him.  Jeannie told me I should hire a dog walker but I don't want to look for one, nor do I want to pay for one.  I wouldn't know where to begin to look anyway.  The man who walked Rocky back when I lived in the mobile home park, lived there as well and I'm sure he asked nearby dog owners just as he asked me.

I sure feel better this morning, probably because I got a decent shower.  I have been trying to hold my hand out of the water but this morning I just decided to let the water fall where it may and not worry about it. 



  1. Sure hope that hand is feeling better but it will be awhile before it heals. Even if you just took Rocky to the corner and back he'd be a happy pup.

  2. Could you put some notices up around the neighbourhood (Canadian Spelling) 😊. Maybe there is someone willing to bring their dog over to play with Rocky in the yard....You never know, there could be someone else living alone who would like to do this..Or even a volunteer willing to take Rocky for a walk.... ..I would wait for your hand to heal before walking him alone.....There was an ad in our little town & a lady with a small dog & was looking for someone to bring a small dog to visit & play with hers....